Best Ant Baits Reviews for Indoor, Outdoor and Yard in 2018

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Ants are both respectable and interesting insects. They work day and night with perfect organization, they’re known to work in groups to complete complex tasks, and they are one of the strongest animals in terms of how much they can lift based on their body weight.

Most of these amazing insect species are even good for you and the environment since they help in controlling pests like fleas, bed bugs, ticks, and other types of harmful insects; however, when things get out of control and an ant colony expands too much and too fast, they become a pest themselves. Sometimes, these huge ant colonies can invade your home and getting rid of them is not a matter of just stomping on a few or spraying them with insecticide.

Ants can be sneaky as we often ignore them as a possible threat—they mind their own while we mind ours most of the time. So, before you know it, an ant colony can end up filling your cupboards, kitchen table, and any place where you keep your food.

Depending on the species, ants can be a real problem. So, what can you do in these situations? Look for the proper tools to exterminate excessive numbers of ants that are invading your home.

There are many ways of getting rid of ants like Carpenter ants and Pharaoh ants before they become too much of a problem. Pest control using things like boric acid, peanut butter, and sprays work fairly well for ant control, but one of the best ways to control ants is through ant baits. And baits have proved to be effective ant killers, with some of them boasting the ability to destroy an entire ant colony—a broad and complete solution to your ant problem. However, there are so many types on the market. Depending on the species, ant baits, such as gel baits, boric acid baits, gourmet ant baits, terro liquid ant baits, and Avidon ant bait gel, can be effective. But, are all brands the same? Are all of them effective?

Ant baits are made to target specific species of ants and also to be used either in indoors or outdoors. Additionally, they come in different types:

  • Ant Bait Stations: These are liquid-filled stations that can be placed around the house, both indoors and outdoors. The ants get attracted by the scent and they consume the liquid, carrying it back to the colony and feeding it to the queen. This ultimately affects the entire colony.
  • Sprays: Aerosol sprays are more of a short-term solution for ant problems. If the infestation is not that bad, this is a great choice. Their residual effect can keep the sprayed areas ant-free for up to 4 weeks. The only downside to this type of solution is the fumes that can be harmful to your health so you must make sure to let the room ventilate well after you apply it.
  • Ant Gels: Ant gels generally come in syringes that can be used to spread the chemical in specific areas that ants use to transit into your home. The ant gels can be used to cut-off and remove ant trails both indoors and outdoors as well.
  • Granular Ant Bait: The granules are very versatile and they can be used everywhere. You can target the colony directly or apply it in areas they are invading. The ants will consume the granules and take it back to their colony. Many granules are made with a biodegradable fungus called Abamectin which will tantalize an ant colony in a span of a day.
  • Diatomaceous Earth: This is an environmentally-friendly powder which kills ants on contact when they walk over it. It dries their bodies and ruins their exoskeleton. Better still, it’s made with fossilized phytoplankton so it’s completely biodegradable.

Here, we will show you some of the best ant baits for 2017—for indoor and outdoor use—so you can make an educated choice and choose what’s best for your particular ant problems.

Best Ant Baits for 2017

Advance Granular Carpenter Ant Bait

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Content: 8 oz

Kills: Carpenter, Acrobat, Argentine, Bigheaded, Crazy, Field, Little Black, Pavement, Pharoah, Fire, Odorous House, and Thief ants.

Average Price: $30 (Amazon)

For use in: Indoor and Outdoor

Comes in: Granules

This is a potent ant killer which can be used to rid your home both inside and outside from an invasion of ants. Advance targets the ants and it’s an environmentally-friendly solution as it is 100% biodegradable and won’t cause contamination.

This product from Advance has a big reputation among people who bought it trusting in its ability to destroy their ant problems. It’s a quick solution to destroy or dramatically reduce Carpenter ant numbers in less than a week and it’s also very attractive for various other types of ant.

This ant bait works by killing the workers and halting any egg production. You can apply it in your garden, around trees, or where the ant trails are commonly found, it can also be used for the ones inside your house.

A great and versatile option for your ant infestation.

Terro 1806 Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits

terro 1806 outdoor liquid ant baits image

Content: 1oz per ant bait station

Kills: All common household ants (Carpenter, Fire, etc.)

Average Price: $12 (Amazon)

For use in: Outdoor

Comes in: 6 ant bait stations (liquid bait)

Terro is an effective and very attractive bait for all household ants. Its powerful formula is guaranteed to help you deal with small and large scale ant infestations.

The product promises to trap and kill the colony and its queen with its handy stations with extra stability to be placed anywhere in your yard. Just place the stations in their transit zones and close to the anthill and you’ll see how their numbers start to go down in no time. These stations are weatherproof so you don’t have to worry about rain ruining them. The only problem is that you need to monitor them to make sure no other animal attempts to eat the liquid.

Note: If you’re a pet owner, make sure your pet stays away and doesn’t try to drink the liquid bait—it can cause severe intoxication.

Raid 11717 Aerosol Spray Ant and Roach Killer

raid 11717 aerosol spray ant roach killer image

Content: 17.5 oz

Kills: Common household ants and cockroaches

Average Price: $29 (Amazon)

For use in: Indoor

Comes in: Aerosol Spray

This is a perfect indoor option to attack the ants right on the spot and fast, before they spread all over the house and when the infestation is just beginning. Raid is known to deliver when it comes to eradicating pesky bugs of all types.

This version comes with Cypermethrin, an effective chemical which kills insects almost instantly when they enter in contact with it. Its residual effect will be a powerful deterrent to keep the ants out of the boundaries of your home. It’s recommendable to use it on your doorsteps and over the ant trails you find.

One of the best features is that it doesn’t have a strong smell; however, it doesn’t mean you should stay to enjoy it—always make sure to use this in well-ventilated rooms or leave the room for a few minutes when you use it.

It really is a great solution for small ant invasions and a great complement for big ones.

Terro T300 Ant Killer

terro t300 ant killer image

Content: 2.2 oz

Kills: Household ants

Average Price: $5 (Amazon)

For use in: Indoor

Comes in: 6 ant stations

Just like the Terro 1806, these big ant stations provide a continuous supply of liquid 24 hours for the worker ants to consume and take back to their colony. The slow acting insecticide will last enough for the ants to feed it to their queen, ensuring the complete extermination of the colony.

This version is better to protect your home the ant trails coming inside, simply place it where ants are seen frequently and they will undoubtedly crawl inside and consume the liquid, eventually more ants will flow into the bait before they start dying out. Keep a close eye so children and pets do not try to grab or consume the bait.

Safer Brand 51702 Diatomaceous Earth

safer brand 51702 diatomaceous earth image

Content: 4 pound

Kills: Bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, earwigs, silverfish, crickets, millipedes, and centipedes

Average Price: $21 (Amazon)

For use in: Indoor and Outdoor

Comes in: Resealable bag

This really is a great non-toxic natural choice. Made of fossilized diatom powder, it’s chemical-free, and safe for your family, pets, and the environment. The powder can be used wherever you want whether inside your home or in your backyard.

Be sure to apply it on ant trails, the microscopic edges of the particles work as razor blades which pierce the ant’s exoskeleton causing them to dry out and ultimately die. It provides a highly effective way to stop the ants from coming into your home and reducing their numbers in your garden and yard. Always apply it to dry places.

This powerful powder can destroy other bugs like bed bugs, earwigs, and silverfish, and even bigger species like cockroaches, millipedes, and centipedes. It’s perfect for eradicating small infestations and can be used for larger ones but it can take a while to get rid of all the extra ants.

Advion Ant Gel Insecticide with Plunger

advion ant gel insecticide image

Content: 1.06 oz

Kills: Argentine, Big Headed, Carpenter, Cornfield, Crazy, Field, Ghost, Harvester, Honey, Little Black, Odorous House, Pavement, Pharaoh, Pyramid, Red Imported Fire Ant, Rover, Thief, and White-Footed ants

Average Price: $12 (Amazon)

For use in: Indoor and Outdoor

Comes in: gel pack

This is a premium ant killer that is guaranteed to do the deal. Its unique formula, which utilizes Indoxacarb, is a highly attractive insecticide to ants that works on a great number of ant species. It has an effective delay that gives the ants enough time to go back to their nest and cause mayhem in the colony. It’s easy to use and fairly safe for your pets, as long as you follow the instructions for its use. The only downside is that it can be washed away with water so if the weather is not right, you can’t use it successfully outdoors.

This gel can be applied anywhere around your home, the perk is that you can use it in vertical areas as well such as walls, and virtually anywhere where you see an ant trail.

Amdro Ant Block Home Perimeter Ant Bait

amdro ant block home perimeter ant bait image

Content: 20 oz

Kills: All common household ants

Average Price: $39 (Amazon)

For use in: Outdoor

Comes in: 20 oz liquid container

Amdro Ant Block is not only a powerful protection against ants, it’s also designed to build a perimeter around your house to keep ants out. Its 20 oz pack is enough to pour a 1080 feet perimeter to close off all possible entrances to your home, ants will be attracted and killed from all sides. Its amazing formula acts as a deadly bait that when eaten by the ants it ensures that the ant colonies will be eliminated, including their queen. It can kill up to 15 different species of ants, but some species that do not prefer sweet taste will simply avoid it.

This ant bait is a deadly and excellent way to protect your home from any further intrusions while getting rid of the problem.

Bottom Line

This is the ultimate selection for 2017 of some of the best products out there to take care of those unwanted ant infestations. You can see that these products all have different approaches, but are all also deadly and will do the job. However, assess the situation in your home and choose which ant bait can help you the best.

Additionally, by combining more than one product it can give you faster results. However, never forget to follow the necessary safety precautions to keep children and pets safe.

Remember that ants might not feel like a serious threat, but when they reach extreme numbers they can be harmful to your property and your family. Don’t let them ruin your day and act now. Get yourself an excellent ant bait to exterminate that ant infestation!

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