Hot Tub Covers (The 5 BEST Covers in 2022—Durable & Good Value)

Best Hot Tub Covers
Best Hot Tub Covers

The market is flooded with hot tub cover varieties and as if that wasn’t daunting enough, an equal number of reviews on the internet. However, this can be confusing and a blessing. Since the sheer amount of information on the matter should guide you towards making a choice that fits your needs precisely.

Going the distance in terms of research and then making a purchase is always money well spent. Pool covers and hot tub covers aren’t exactly everyday items, so you have to make sure that you are not wasting your money on something that’ll end up gathering dust in your storage space.

Points to Remember Before Purchase

Every item that you purchase has a guide to assure the perfect selection. Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying hot tub covers.

Mind the Weather

Anything that has to be kept mostly outdoors must be bought with the local climate and weather conditions in mind. If you get something delicate and the climate you are in is harsh, then your “hot tub cover” won’t last one season.

Hot tub covers are not accessories that you buy every season; it is better to find an option that can withstand even the coldest winter. Some varieties are suitable for winter usage.

Vapor Barrier Quality

There is a coating on the foam cores of a hot tub cover that acts as an insulation for the cover and prevents any spillage from the hot tub; this coating is called the vapor barrier.

Now, the thing to keep in mind is that just because a cover is expensive, it does not automatically guarantee a high-quality vapor barrier. Make sure you are armed to the teeth with research when you click that “add to cart” button.

Density of the Foam Core

One way to judge the quality of a cover is by testing the density and thickness of a cover’s foam core. Checking the foam core is quite literally the most important aspect of buying a hot tub cover.

A poor-quality foam core will give you a substandard cover that won’t last. If you’re wondering why a piece of foam is a detriment to the quality of, “an otherwise great cover” the trouble lies in the recycled nature of the foam core. Since cheap covers utilize recycled foam rather than virgin polystyrene in their cores, they deteriorate quickly as opposed to high-quality foam cores.

Vinyl Quality of the Cover

Most covers available on the market are manufactured from vinyl, and that’s a good thing since the material is well known for its sturdiness and durability. However, the quality of vinyl varies with the price bracket.

Vinyl quality is not uniform for every hot tub cover; many companies make use of impure vinyl or make very thin covers that are useless outdoors. Try to find a cover that is thick and strong as opposed to a lighter option that seems like a better cheaper option.

Size of Hot Tub Cover

This seems obvious, but make sure you consider the size of your hot tub when comparing different hot tub cover options. For example, some people mistakenly compare prices of six person tub with two person tub covers and get prematurely excited that they found great deal of vice versa.

Testing Shape and Measurements

This next point might seem a bit ridiculous, but, it does happen. Make sure you have the EXACT measurements of your hot tub. Do not order or go out to buy a hot tub cover with a “rough idea” of the measurement. Make sure you remember to take in every dimension of the tub before ordering a cover.

It is advisable to take a photo of your tub and have it with you to avoid getting the wrong shape as well because that is an irksome error that leads to unnecessary effort on your part.

Figure out Your Budget

Hot tubs and their accessories are not exactly “necessities” so you need to take an honest and open look at how much you are willing to spend on such a luxury. Naturally, you would want to get the best value for the money, however, going too cheap and too expensive always end up carrying an extra price tag of regret. Choose wisely and within a set limit to avoid any disappointment in the future.

Best 5 Hot Tub Covers on the Market 2022

Finding the right cover could not be any easier than it is in 2018. The sheer volume of options can attest to that. However, this list has taken five very select options that are getting rave reviews all around. You can assess for yourself which hot tub cover is the perfect fit for you.

The hot tub cover by CoverMates is simple, effective and definitely a classic. It does the job well and offers year-round protection for your hot tub. The shape is square, so it’s not for round hot tubs.

However, if the shape is a fit, you get a two-year warranty with this product and moreover it is cost effective. The only downside in terms of the price is perhaps the $8 delivery charge that is incorporated into the price. Here are some of its most prominent features:

Best Hot Tub Covers
  • The CoverMate construct is made up of a twelve-inch-thick commercial grade vinyl. Not only does the vinyl effectively coat the foam core, but the excellent quality of the vinyl also protects the hot tub from climatic flux and exposures year-round.
  • This hot tub cover has an elastic hem that allows for a good fitting around the hot tub. However, many users have complained that the elastic gets worn out quickly and doesn’t offer that snug fitting after a while.
  • The price bracket for the cover is quite reasonable and affordable.
  • For a cover that has a sturdy polyester lining instead of a felt one, the claims of a two-year minimum life do make sense, as each material used is of high quality and durability.
  • While the quality is top notch the layer of insulation is inadequate for temperature maintenance which means you will have to invest in insulation separately to maintain hot water in your tub.

The BeyondNice hot tub cover stays true to its name and is indeed “beyond nice”, especially when it comes to temperature maintenance. The BeyondNice model has one of the heaviest insulation materials on the market, making it an effective cover for trapping heat.

Naturally, this is a huge plus as it saves time and cuts down on the heating bill. Thin insulation is demanding for the hot tub that needs to work harder to achieve optimum temperature because water gets cold. This problem is particularly annoying in regions with a colder climate. Here are a few key features of the cover:

Best Hot Tub Covers
  • If you are deciding to buy the BeyondNice cover, the good news is that there is a five-year manufacturer’s guarantee. The warranty, in terms of investment, means you are quite secure for a good five years. This is a huge plus; especially if you are living in harsher weather and potential wear and tear are likely.
  • The company has great customer service, and they do replace if there are any issues.
  • The company also has a “design your own” option for hot tub covers to get the most for your money. This is an excellent way to customize the purchase according to your needs and not many other manufacturer’s willing to go the extra mile for their customers.
  • Yes, you guessed all of this could not be cheap, and it isn’t. The cover is definitely on the expensive end of the spectrum, but it is definitely worth the money. How do you say? Well, if you have to change a substandard cover every season, why not just invest in a good one with a five-year guarantee? But by no means should you spend that much on a cover if you can’t!

The classic Accessories cover is definitely made from high-quality materials making it both sturdy and a smart choice, since it offers UV protection as well. In the CA Veranda cover, the interior has bound seams for strength.

The cover utilizes high-density stitching for resilience and comes in medium and large sizes. There is a restriction of shape as the covers are square. The cover can easily manage a square hot tub with the dimensions of 94’ by 94’. This cover is a smart choice for budget buyers as it offers excellent value for money.

Best Hot Tub Covers
  • The cover does a good job of sustaining temperature thanks to its sturdy construction.
  • The company offers a three-year warranty on the cover and considering the price bracket that is great.
  • The cover protects the hot tub from elemental damage; the wear and tear of harsh rays and cold can be resisted with this cover. Hot tubs are expensive and need to be protected and being stingy here might not be a promising idea. After all, replacing a cover is not the same thing as replacing a hot tub.
  • The trouble with this cover is that it is pricier than other options of similar quality.
  • If the cover is not fitted properly the rainwater can pool in the middle of the cover.
  • The hem offers a nice fitting for a square tub, but it is not as easy to utilize of not properly tightened.

The Cover Guy Combo offers really substantial value for the money and has some of the best reviews on Amazon as an excellent cover. The current version has been updated to enhance the scope of the cover’s protection to include vapor proof barrier seal and energy shield that can be added to the purchase of the cover itself.

The cover also includes upgrades that prevent water-logging and helps eliminate water condensation.

The Cover Guy Combo is one of the few covers that offers extensive protection and safety.

Best Hot Tub Covers
  • The cover reduces energy usage and eliminates waterlogging
  • The insulation layer is deep and quite effective against the climate flux
  • While the materials being used in the construct of the cover all heavy and sturdy in nature, the overall weight of the cover is minimal
  • The fitting is perfect as they are done custom by the company

The good thing about this budget buy cover is that it is hundred percent water resistant and is vented which protects the cover from mold growth. EmpirePatio hot tub cover is made for a square shaped tub.

The EmpirePatio does the job fine but it is not for long-term usage, and it is advisable to not expect too much of the cover and simply consider the one-year warranty as a sign that that is the time it will serve you well. While the EmpirePatio is not the best cover out there, it is definitely one that meets the everyday needs. Here are a few features that make the cover a great buy:

Best Hot Tub Covers
  • The EmpirePatio offers three layers of protection and is durable for milder weather protection
  • There are a few issues of discoloration and fitting over time, so be sure that you are getting what you paid for with this cover, nothing more
  • The customer service of the manufacturer is top notch, and they accommodate if any issues arise
  • While it keeps heat inside, it is not the best insulation cover out there
  • The cover shows damage from extended sun exposure as well


If and when you do get a hot tub; it is an investment and hot tub covers are the protection for that investment. If you get a sub-par cover, chances are you will regret not spending more money on a good quality cover instead of the bargain buy you were so happy with initially.

While not everyone has the luxury of buying $350-400 covers for their hot tubs, there are other less expensive options with longevity and better warranty periods. Choose wisely and let the relaxation continue!

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