The Five Best Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Best Inflatable Hot Tub
Best Inflatable Hot Tub

Most hot tubs, especially the ones for one or two people, are an indoor luxury and an expensive one at that. But technology has found a way to provide a different and more affordable version of everything. Inflatable tubs are all the rage this season, especially, during this intense heat. Not only are they affordable, but these inflatable hot tubs also are easy to use, require minimal maintenance and can be set up in no time.

The décor aspect is a bit reduced, but, then again these are predominantly for outdoor usage, and they work like a charm during the summers. This article discusses the five best inflatable hot tub reviews and also guides you when it comes to purchasing an inflatable hot tub.

Things to Look Out for in an Inflatable Hot Tub

First of all, three cheers for you, if you have decided to purchase an inflatable hot tub. This is one product, which when bought correctly, offers a chance to greatly improve your lifestyle. A hot tub is a perfect retreat from muscle aches, stress and overall exhaustion from a long day of either work or play. Hot tubs are usually considered high maintenance luxury items; however, the inflatable variety only demands little in the name of space and are typically low upkeep. Here are a few essential aspects to be well aware of before buying an inflatable hot tub. To steer you in the right direction, it is important to be well informed.

Size Matters Most

Yes, this is true. The kind of inflatable hot tub that you end up purchasing has everything to do with your needs and how many people you are planning to cater to here. The great thing about these inflatable varieties is that they are available in seating options of four, six or eight. If you are looking to purchase something that will become the center attraction for your family and friends in your backyard, then a larger tub would suit you the most.

Some tubs are designed in a manner that they take up little space but can seat four people comfortably. While your needs are important, so is the budget. The bigger the tub, the more you will have to pay for it. So, if you are just looking to test out the whole concept of a hot tub, don’t immediately invest in a large capacity one. Who knows, maybe you are against the whole idea (hard to imagine! But people have different tastes). Try to opt for one that offers a fair value for the money and is a comfortable size and can fit four people. Even if you have a large family remember, how many instances will there be that you ALL have to use the hot tub? So, don’t compromise on quality for space if your budget is low, and try to meet a product that is an amalgam of both.

Also, larger tubs can be pricier and much higher in maintenance than a medium or smaller version. Make sure you know exactly what you are buying and for how much. If you do not have any budget constraints and want something that is large and can entertain a sizable group of people, then always go for the larger inflatable hot tub.

Make Room for the Tub!

No matter how much you are in love with the six-person capacity hot tub, there is no way it can fit or make sense in an apartment. It never makes sense to deliberately fit something in a confined space where it won’t benefit anyone in the long run. Don’t waste your money on something extravagant in terms of space requirements if you can’t manage it for a longer period of time.

The floor needs to be even for you to really enjoy the hot tub, this is a tiny detail that can become quite irksome when the balance of the tub is haywire from the start. KNOW your space before you bring anything foreign into it that doesn’t fit. Another reason an uneven floor is bad is that it tends to damage the hot tub over time.

Power Supply

An inflatable hot tub requires a good continuous power source. People with small children need to find a way to heat their water, without having too many extension cords or wires nearby. A few tub varieties can require special wiring but mostly all you need is a plug socket that is nearby the tub’s setup, and it is advisable to avoid using extension cords to avoid any electrical issues and accidents.

An Inflatable Hot Tub Set Up

Inflatable hot tubs are fairly simple to set up, and the instruction manuals are straightforward. However, the more features a hot tub has, the more complex the installation gets. So, instead of wasting hours of your time because the instructions seem too complicated to follow, just get a hot tub guy to get you started. Most basic tubs are easy enough to install. There are accessories and all the necessary tools with the inflatable hot tub, to ensure that you do not run into any hiccups when setting up your hot tub. Try buying from a company that offers all required accessories like a pump or inflation kit with the purchase of the tub.

Knowing just when your tub is ready for use is important, overinflating the tub can lead to damage because environmental elements like water pressure, heat and light can inflate the tub without any interference on your part. Try to keep the level of air in the tub slightly lower so that it can adjust with time. Since you can always alter air levels when you see the need to, keeping the air on the lower side is a smart idea. Keeping tabs on the temperature of the environment and the tub itself is the most important aspect of owning an inflatable hot tub.

The structure and the integrity of the product are only as good as the attention and care it is given. While there are no extensive cleaning and maintenance needs for the inflatable hot tub, ignoring it completely is also not a good idea. To ensure that your tub has both a long life and durability, keeping tabs on temperature and usage is important.

Water Heating

When you set up your tub for the first time, do not be alarmed by the time it takes to heat the water. While some tubs take less time due to their construction and the technologies applied, the first is always a few hours. Naturally, the bigger the tub, the longer it takes water to heat up, and the more energy is consumed in the process. Large tubs do affect the electricity bills substantially, especially if you are not making use of an insulated hot tub cover. Black tubs that are kept outdoors will naturally heat up faster, and this makes them a good idea for outdoor usage.

Ensuring Durability

The most important aspect of the cleaning process is the water filter; it must always be used and replaced whenever it is has run its course. While inflatable tubs are constructed for the long run, they can be punctured with a very sharp object; it is important to take care. However, in the event that the tub is punctured, many models come with a repair kit to tackle such situations. Make sure to deflate your hot tub properly to store it right and avoid any damage.

On average, the desired temperature of a hot tub is up to 104 degrees, and it is usually more than enough for anyone. The standard time that it takes to fill a tub is between one to two hours, depending on the size this time can increase or decrease. To bring the tub to the desired temperature takes another twelve hours heating. This is one of the reasons you should look for a tub for all seasons. To be able to relax in hot therapeutic water is one of the benefits of owning a hot tub in the first place.

Best Inflatable Hot Tub

The Intex Pure Inflatable 6-Person Portable Hot Tub is a top of the line hot tub that offers quick inflation and can be filled to capacity within twenty minutes; a great feature! The design of the tub is flexible and lightweight making it strong enough to seat six people without any strain on the construct. The jets in the tub offer an excellent hydrotherapy massage, and while the power of the jets is not too strong, it does the job fairly well. The storage and transport of this wonder by Intex is very convenient, and the control panel makes the digitized control of the water jets and the water temperature very easy.

Best Inflatable Hot Tub

What makes the Bestway Lay-Z spa an excellent choice is the top of the line drainage system along with a really comfortable cushioned air mat. The massage features are backed by powerful jets that are on par with expensive hot tubs. The bubble jets are the go-to feature during the purchase of inflatable hot tubs, and this product does not disappoint when it comes to the hydrotherapeutic benefits. The aesthetics of the tub are further enhanced by the seven color lights that shine in different cycles and set the ambiance for a truly “spa-like” experience. Considering the amenities of this hot tub, the price is reasonable, making the Bestway Lay-Z spa great value for money.

Best Inflatable Hot Tub

Intex as a manufacturer has the formula for producing great products. The Intex PureSpa Bubble Massage hot tub is spacious; it can accommodate four people at a time. The best feature is the inbuilt water filtration system that makes the water clean without any effort on your part, and the cover that comes with it gives the heated water both protection and insulation. The tub has good performance and locks in heat; this, in turn, reduces the energy expenditures of the hot tub. The PureSpa comes with a nice feature of a floating chlorine dispenser, two filtration cartridges, thermal ground cloth and a three-way test strip to give the hot tub more value.

Best Inflatable Hot Tub

The Coleman excels in conserving water heat. The construct is similar to that of the Bestway’s Lay-Z spa. The usage of fabric coating on the skeleton of the tub makes for excellent energy-conserving technology. Along with great heat conservation, the Coleman comes with an integrated filtration system and a tub cover that has an aluminum coating to maintain temperature. The cushioned floor and the convenience of the drainage system makes the Coleman one of the best inflatable tubs in the market in a reasonable price range in 2018.

Best Inflatable Hot Tub

The Miami edition of the Bestway lay-Z spa has a very easy setup. The tub has the capacity to adjust four adults at a time. The design of the tub is low profile and requires minimal installation efforts. The controls of the hot tub are electronic, and the control panel is an excellent feature in this price. The hot tub is made up of very lightweight construction, and the lay-Z massage feature is a key selling point of this hot tub. The water heating is fast and the overall operations simpler than another counterpart within the same price range. It is clearly, one of the most cost-effective hot tub models in the market.


Hot tubs can cost anywhere between 2,000-10,000 dollars, and that is not a price bracket that the average American is willing to accommodate. Moreover, not everyone is a fan of having an indoor hot tub. However, there is such a thing as an outdoor hot tub and what’s even more fun is that it is inflatable! No, don’t worry, we are not talking about inflatable kiddie pools; these are specialized and perfect for relaxing and themed parties. Hot tubs might not seem like it, but they are excellent investments for your home and yourself.

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