Best Mosquito Foggers for Your Infestation (TOP 5 Reviews 2022)

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Mosquito foggers can cave lives and peace of mind. Nothing ruins a good day with perfect weather like a swarm of mosquitoes and simple mosquito repellent doesn’t seem enough. These winged vampires are one of the biggest and most dangerous plagues in the world and if you have to deal with them, there is something you can do about it with cheap and effective mosquito control.

Mosquitoes are no joke—around 1 million people every year die from mosquito bites, mostly because of malaria, a deadly disease that mosquitoes can carry. There are, in fact, over 3000 species all over the world, 176 of which are in the United States, in all kinds of weather, especially warm and humid.

This insect lays its eggs in water and the eggs hatch within 24–48 hours (meaning their reproduction is really fast), which explains that mean cloud of mosquitoes waiting outside your home.

Luckily, we have mosquito control tools like Mosquito Foggers, which are the ideal pest control tool that can help you exterminate this plague and make your yard a safe place for your family.

What is a Fogger?

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This is an excellent tool that is equipped with a system that allows you to spray pesticide in wide areas and for long periods of time. The insecticide comes out in small particles as a “fog,” making it ideal pest control for mosquito elimination of the “backyard mosquito control”.

Not all foggers work the same, there are two types:

  • Cold Fogger: These foggers can be used to get rid of pests, molds and unpleasant odors. These work with air pressure, using an electric motor (so they require a close energy source) to spray the liquid pesticide in small particles.
  • Thermal Fogger: These are specifically used to eliminate pests outdoors. These are perfect for mosquito killing. Thermal floggers use heat to vaporize insecticide and spread it like fog so it can cover big areas. This type of fogger can be fuel, electricity, or gas (propane) powered depending on the model you buy.

The difference between both is that you can use Cold Foggers indoors too because they do not produce as much heat as Thermal foggers, but Thermal Foggers are better for outdoors since they don’t require to be connected to the electricity or depend on a battery, which often lasts much less than fuel or gas.

We have made a list of some of the Best Mosquito Foggers for 2017 and a brief review on each one of them:

Top 5 Mosquito Foggers for 2017

Number Five: Cutter Backyard Bug Control Outdoor Fogger

Now, if you require a portable solution that you can easily carry everywhere this is your go-to fogger. The Cutter Backyard Bug Control Outdoor Fogger might look like a regular aerosol insecticide, but it can create pretty effective thick bug-killing fogs.

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A pretty effective tool you can take on your hiking trips as it can clean the area from those intrusive mosquitoes.


  • No need to use a machine so it’s very portable and inexpensive


  • Not a good long-term option since it isn’t as effective as fogging machines and it’s far more limited

Number Four: Burgess 1443 Insect Fogger

A powerful yet simple to use traditional propane fogger that can match the efficiency of some professional foggers. One of the best things is that it’s not only great, it’s also offered at a low cost.

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This fogger is excellent equipment for getting rid of most flying insects, such as mosquitoes and other flies that get in your way whenever you’re trying to have a BBQ day. Its design and size are perfect to put it on a chair, table, or anywhere you want. It’s light and versatile so you can take it all around your house or even for a picnic.

With its 40-ounce canister, it’s enough to deal with all those mosquitoes roaming around your lawn. In a matter of minutes, you can see the effectivity of the insect-killing 10-foot long fog spray that the Burgess 1443 shoots out, ideal to cover big areas in short amounts of time. The propane disperses the insecticides easily so you can spray the bushes, your lawn, and all those pesky mosquito clouds.


  • The propane system offers a great pressure to spray insecticide in very tiny particles to cover areas more uniformly
  • The effects can last up to six hours
  • Affordable price of at least $65


  • Propane is flammable so you must handle the canister with care
  • It doesn’t work with all brands of insecticide

Number Three: Hudson Electric Indoor Insect Fogger

For perfect indoor solutions, Hudson has developed this excellent, easy-to-handle, and lightweight tool with the power to shoot up a low volume mist up to 100 feet.

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This fogger works with 110v AC power and it’s fed by a power cord, meaning it was designed specifically for indoors as its name implies. It doesn’t possess an internal battery so it’s not a viable option for outdoors or to take with you to picnics.

So, as long as you use it for your home, you will see that it does the job perfectly becoming a guard from any insects.

It can come as expensive but it’s a durable long-term investment to solve this kind of problem. It comes with a 2-gallon Poly tank and a carrying strap and it can also be mounted on a wall or the ceiling to provide stationary protection against mosquitoes and other bugs.


  • Excellent performance eliminating all kinds of bugs
  • Strong and durable


  • It’s a good but expensive tool which costs around $185-190 so if you’re on a tight budget this is not the best option for you
  • It can’t be used outdoors because it requires being connected to an outlet

Number Two: Bonide 420 Fog-RX Propane Insect Fogger

Another great thermal fogger to make it to this list is this powerful propane insect fogger, which can produce a thick fog that covers the foliage of trees and bushes, and penetrates into difficult places like cracks and narrow holes, permeating everything and creating a bug-free area for you to enjoy.

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It’s not hard to handle and you can take it to all your outdoor activities such as picnics and campsites. This one is incredibly effective to kill mosquitoes and other insects as well and it has a strong durable body and the price for it is just right. (You can find it at around $70 on Amazon)


  • Easy to use and to learn to handle
  • Leaves no active residue that can cause unintentional harm
  • Built with durable plastic and nylon
  • It can be used with any brand of insecticides


  • It works with an open flame to heat the coil so it’s not recommended for indoor use since it could pose a high fire risk

Number One: Tri Jet ULV Non-Thermal Fogger

And finally, we have this amazing product from Createch. The Tri Jet ULV Non-Thermal Cold Fogger is a versatile electrical unit, which allows you to use water or oil-based materials to fog. It can be used for indoor and outdoor mosquito repellent and other pests, as well as for other purposes like mildew and mold control.

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One of the best features of this fogger is that it can be used with any brand of insecticide. You can use it to destroy mosquitoes all over your house with its combination of Tri Jet Foggers with an adjustable valve that you can use to spray up to 30 feet.

This is a reliable fogger with a rustproof aluminum body, ensuring that it will last a long time and that it can be used outdoors without issue. It has a 1-gallon container and a handle to carry it. The unit comes in 110v and 220v versions.


  • Great for both home and commercial uses
  • Strong, durable, and rustproof body
  • Can be used to fog various types of chemicals for various purposes


  • Although it has a handle to carry it, it’s more practical for static use, since it is better built for that purpose and it also works with a power cord; it also it weighs 13 pounds which can be exhausting to carry after a while
  • It’s not cheap. Its price on Amazon can go to over $200; however, it is worth its price if you can stretch your budget that far

Some Safety Notes

Foggers must be handled consciously and with care. Although the chemicals are intended to kill insects, some people have reported health issues caused by staying near or in the area of the fogger when it is operating (which is no surprise).

Therefore, always make sure there’s nobody in the area where the fog is working, especially around children who can try to play with it. Always wear the proper safety glasses to protect your eyes from the floating particles of insecticide and preferably a gas mask or similar to avoid inhaling the chemicals.

If you have any difficulties using these products, hire a professional to help you.

In Conclusion

Mosquito foggers are without a doubt the solution you need to get rid of mosquito infestations and make your home and your community a safer place free from those mosquito plagues.

This list shows you some of the best foggers out there; nevertheless, it’s up to you to choose what fits best your situation and your mosquito problem. Choose well and start destroying those pests.

This is a step that needs to be taken and you can do it yourself without the need of professional exterminators.

Get yourself one of the best mosquito foggers to get rid of your mosquito infestation now!

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