The 5 BEST portable hot tubs you can actually afford in 2022

Best Portable Hot Tubs
Best Portable Hot Tubs

It would be great if purchases were not governed by budgets, but, they are. Luxury is often straining on our wallets and sometimes what we want is often ridiculously expensive and excessive. Take Jacuzzis or hot tubs; it’s definitely not something that everyone can afford. However, the great thing about technology is that the distance between luxury and affordability has been shortened. Thanks to the invention of portable hot tubs, comfort and luxury can be experienced on a budget too.

Traditionally, a hot tub is installed in a corner. However, with a portable option, there is flexibility and mobility, wrapped up in the glorious packaging of affordability. Just because something is inflatable, does not mean that it is in any way inferior to a regular hot tub. Just like any other product, these hot tubs or “portable spas” as they were labeled by many manufacturers, serve the same purpose. In fact, portable options have other neat features like underwater LEDs, waterfalls or cup holders (yes, it is important!)

The market is flooded with potential “hot tub” candidates; finding the perfect combination can be a daunting task. People want value for their money, so here is a guide to choosing the best one according to your needs.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before purchasing anything, especially when you are ordering online, research! Don’t read just one review, get as many opinions as you can and then cross check with your requirements to get the right answer. Scrolling pages upon pages of options on Amazon is definitely not the best way to go about buying a hot tub. Here are some key points to keep in mind before starting that online trek for the perfect buy.

Know Thy Budget

Not every Hot tub is for everyone, just because you are looking to pamper yourself doesn’t mean you have to take a chunk from the kids’ college fund. Set a reasonable budget and remember that the more features a hot tub has, the more expensive it will get. It is important to know what features you can do without. For example, do you really need those underwater LED lights? No? Good, your price just went down. This doesn’t mean you should go for a cheap option; always try to get as much value for the money as possible.

Comfort and Construct

While setting a reasonable upper price bracket is a smart thing to do, you should never compromise on the quality of the product. It is vital to keep the two “Cs” on your checklist; comfort and the construction of your hot tub should be premium. This involves factoring in everything from the material of the portable tub to the number of people that can comfortably utilize the tub at a time. It is usually recommended to steer clear of polyester and find models that utilize fiber in their making.

Size Always Matters!

You might think that you are getting a hot tub for your husband and yourself but, it would be poor planning to not factor in the kids. This is just to establish that given the need, a larger hot tub is always better than a smaller one.

Assembly and Durability

Some tubs are easier to assemble than others while some are more durable than others. Try to find an option that is a combination of both these qualities. While a portable tub is by no means a good idea for long-term investment and will eventually wear and tear, that doesn’t mean you should not utilize it for every penny you spent on it.

Maintenance and Expenditures

If you do decide to get a hot tub, do not be surprised by the increase in your electricity bill. Hot tubs notoriously eat more electricity compared to other electronic devices. When you shop for a tub, try not to get distracted by a lot of cool features, and always check the energy need and cost of maintenance before making the final call.

Here are some options to select from; the following list discusses the top five portable hot tubs of 2022, and they are all affordable.


Who doesn’t want affordable luxury? And this is your chance to really avail it. From relaxation to being the heart of the party; a hot tub can really be an inexpensive blessing.


An inflatable bathtub is movable; the ease with which it can be dragged to wherever you need it to be is what makes them worth buying. Traditional hot tubs are installed in one location that does not change, however, you can theoretically deflate a portable hot tub and take it with you on a weekend getaway, if you really wanted to. The tubs usually carry flexible liners for easy rolling. This makes carrying the tub easy; you can carry it in the trunk of your car if you want to. Let’s face it, a hot tub against a backdrop of mountains or perhaps a lush picnic spot is appealing.

Break That Stress Wall

Anyone who comes home after a nine to ten-hour shift of work can understand the allure of a relaxing hot bath in your very own hot tub. Soaking in hot water has historically been associated with therapeutic benefits and general well-being. The hot tub can be your go-to spa at home. Working women rarely have time to pamper themselves and a hot tub right in front of you might finally offer that opportunity.

Party Accessory

Hot tubs can be excellent party accessories. There are portable options that can seat up to eight people. A hot tub party sounds fun, and with heating timers, the temperature can cater to every season. You can pull out the hot tub during winter and summer alike. Hot tubs are often the central theme for parties and with one you can throw a great party.


1) Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub, Black

This hot tub is superb for a variety of reasons; the least of which is that the tub is from Coleman; it’s a top-rated company with a myriad of great reviews. When you are buying a hot tub, you are looking to purchase luxury at a high value for the money, and this tub is just that. The hot tub is not the cheapest option in the market, but it falls within a good price bracket.

The hot tub has bubble jets and hot water to set the stage for lazy luxury in your backyard. The tub is manufactured from sturdy and durable cloth-based materials. The Lay-Z spa hot tub offers you the option to digitally operate the temperature and the timer features. While the temperature takes time to be just right temperature, the relaxing spa experience is definitely worth the wait. The hot tub comes with a clean out cartridge accessory to keep the water optimum for use.

Best Portable Hot Tubs

Here are some of its key features that pushed it to the top of the list in 2022:

  • The seating capacity is for four people and more depth as compared to other models available in the market
  • It is has a Tri-Tech construct with a capacity of 192 gallons
  • The installation is simple and straightforward
  • The Lay-Z spa comes with a cover for cleaning and temperature maintenance
  • The Lay-Z can easily maintain a temperature of 104 F
  • The hot tub has 60 air jets

2) SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

Bestway’s is another great company and their portable hot tub; the “Lay-Z-Spa Miami” is an affordable, hassle-free and luxury item for those that are looking for a “go-anywhere spa”. Bestway has many other products in the market that have established them for their innovation and engineering. But, the “Lay-Z spa Miami” is definitely a class apart. It is hard to come by a hot tub with such great features and such an amazing price range.

Best Portable Hot Tubs

  • Setting up the hot tub is very easy, and there are no complex instructions
  • Like many other models by Bestway this one too utilizes the Tri-Tech material encased in a safe layer of PVC; this additional step grants this tub durability and sturdiness as opposed to other models
  • The tub has an inflatable cover that aids in keeping a constant temperature and the water clean in an outdoor setting
  • The hot tub has a whopping 120 bubble jets
  • Th Lay-Z spa Miami has a digital control panel and a decent water filtration setup

3) Intex 77-Inches PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

Intex is famous around the world for their inflatable pools, kiddy pools and portable hot tubs. The Pure Spa massage spa set offers good value for money. The jets are not as powerful as many other more expensive hot tubs, but they do the job just fine. The capacity is for four people, and it is the ultimate easy to set, relaxation purchase. The only reason it misses the top spot on this list is because of the slightly more expensive price bracket.

Best Portable Hot Tubs

  • The best feature of this model is perhaps the built-in hard water system softens the water, making it more refreshing on your skin
  • Insulated ground cloth provides enhanced thermal retention
  • Insulated cover for improved heating and safety
  • Inflation hose is added to the package for easy inflation and set up
  • The maintenance is no fuss; two clean and replaceable cartridges come with the hot tub
  • The tub has a blanketed lock and an insulated cowl to prevent heat loss
  • The seating capacity is for four people

4) SaluSpa Realtree MAX-5 AirJet 4 Person Portable Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

Consider this; if you could get an outdoor method of relaxation that didn’t require anything exhausting but rather warm bubbles and relaxation wouldn’t you want to get it right away? Well, the Salu Spa Real tree MAX-5 does just that. This hot tub is one of the best in the market and within a reasonable price range. The four-person hot tub haven looks right at home on any property, porch, cabin or a campsite (never hurts to relax in the great outdoors!). The SaluSpa has a few neat features that deserve mention:

Best Portable Hot Tubs

  • The floor of the hot tub is insulated, and your feet can feel relaxed and don’t touch any hard ground
  • There is a drain valve present that is convenient when it comes to getting the tub empty
  • The presence of an integrated air chamber offers a suitable amount of insulation when the hot tub is not being utilized
  • The tub has a striking mosaic print that gives the hot tub an attractive outlook
  • The accessories include a chemical floater, two filter cartridges and a portable spa cover

5) Intex Pure Spa 4-Person Inflatable Portable Hot Tub with Six Filter Cartridges

Another Intex entry! And with good reason, the company is definitely unlocking the secrets to affordable luxury. While the Intex entries are more expensive than the other option, they do have a strong build, and the accessories make the purchase worth it. Part of the reason this hot tub has a higher price range is because of its digitized control panel and larger size.

Best Portable Hot Tubs


Since the construction of a portable hot tub is simple, it is cheaper than the authentic version. Most hot tubs have two basics; a single line and a pump unit. While these materials are in no way for the long haul, with the proper care and maintenance a good hot tub can last more than a few years. Considering you are getting a movable hot tub for a few hundred dollars that will last for a few years; it’s not too shabby a deal. Perhaps it’s time you finally got affordable luxury for yourself.

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