Best Point of Sale Systems for Small Business (Top 4)

Best Point of Sale Systems
Best Point of Sale Systems

An essential part of any successful small business, a point-of-sale (POS) system functions as a veritable home base for all of a business’s most important information regarding sales, inventory, customers, accounting, and employees.

POS systems are widely available in today’s consumer market, with base models starting at just a few hundred dollars and powerfully equipped models that are ideal for bigger businesses costing well into the thousands of dollars.

Recent innovations in technology have revamped traditional POS systems in comprehensive ways.

In stark contrast to the clunky and cumbersome equipment necessary for a performance POS system, manufacturers are rolling out iPad-integrated mobile POS systems that come with all the same essential features, tools, and software as their much larger counterparts.

If you are in the market for a new POS system, read below to discover all the most essential information about the top POS systems for small businesses available on the market today.


ShopKeep is Business News Daily’s pick for the best POS for small retail establishments in 2022. It provides a range of beneficial features in operations, intelligence, and experience.

Selected from dozens of competing POS systems, ShopKeep reigned supreme due to its ease of use, user-friendly cloud service, and stellar pricing. It’s an assemblage of performance features including but not limited to the following:

  • Mobile-First POS
  • eercastStore operations streamlining
  • eercastDigital commerce
  • eercastPredictive intelligence
  • eercastOrder management
  • eercastBulk products processes
  • eercastInventory alerts
  • eercastHigh level of customization
  • eercastOffline mode capability

Read on below to learn more about ShopKeep’s amazing array of POS system tools, software, and many features.

ShopKeep’s POS System Features

Management of Inventory

Inventory management is notorious amongst retailers and business owners as an arduous and grueling task. ShopKeep has remained a perennial POS system favorite with small business owners due to its wealth of dynamic inventory management tools.

Among the array of powerful tools ShopKeep’s POS system has for inventory control, there are four in particular that are of immense value. Read on below to discover the four most essential tools for inventory maintenance, in addition to learning more information about ShopKeep’s many other features.

  • Bulk Products Processes: While many business owners are relegated to the painstaking task of manually updating inventory by single items once at a time, ShopKeep provides its customers with an extraordinarily time-saving Bulk Product Processing tool that computes the adjustment, uploading, and overall management of large numbers of items within the inventory.
  • eercastTracking of Raw Goods: For business owners selling composite items, ShopKeep offers an innovative tool to track the many various elements that finished products are comprised of.
  • eercastAlerts for Low Inventory Counts: Alerts for depleted inventory and stock are of great importance to retailers and business owners. Whether the business in question is a wine shop, bookstore, or tanning salon, upper management needs to be fully aware of when the stock begins to dwindle. Checking stock can be extremely time-consuming, particularly when the business is busy with customers. ShopKeep’s useful inventory alerts take the worry and stress of having to ensure proper inventory counts, while also reducing the amount of labor involved.
  • eercastReordering Reports: The ShopKeep POS system is equipped with a convenient “reordering trigger” for every item within a business’s inventory. When stock for any single item falls low, the POS system automatically populates an entry on the reordering report for additional stock needed. Immensely beneficial, the reordering reports function can assist many types of businesses to determine the overall scale of their inventory and ultimately determine which items and what quantities need to be reordered.

Customizable Register Buttons

ShopKeep’s POS system is designed for intuitive use, enabling users to organize and arrange components in register displays to make them easily discoverable when sales are being rung up. Well worth its value many times over, the customizable button function streamlines register processes not only for rapid tallying of sales but also assists in helping new employees learn the system in an effortless way.

Additional highlights include the ability to create specific category pages with “drag and drop” capability, switch out button colors per individual preference, and easily edit specific product names and the way they appear on keyboard buttons.

Customer Management

ShopKeep’s POS system has been heralded as the premier POS for retailers and business owners with its ability to increase sales via distinct insights into the behaviors of customers. Through these insights, businesses can strategize how to cultivate and foster enduring relationships with customers.

The ability to create sustainable relationships with clientele is garnered through ShopKeep’s assemblage of powerful tools that can perform such functions as capturing customer contact info on each and every sale, providing customers the ability to receive receipts via email, and by offering attractive promotions to embolden return visits to your establishment.

Additional creative aspects found within ShopKeep’s POS system is the unique ability to add links to your company’s social media accounts, along with promotions printed right on receipts for future use.

Customer purchase histories are another fantastic tool on the ShopKeep system. An inventory of each customer’s purchases is itemized for an easy at-a-glance view to enable business owners to quickly surmise who their top customers are and how they can reach out to them in optimal ways.

Employee Management

The oversight and management of employees is a substantial job, requiring an exceptional collective knowledge of scheduling, delegating, time clock administration (and adherence) and far more.

ShopKeep’s state-of-the-art POS system eliminates much of the labor involved in the time-consuming tasks of managing and overseeing business employees. Read on below to see many of the ways ShopKeep streamlines many traditionally time-consuming management tasks.

Employee User Profiles: Owners and upper management can create single user profiles for each employee and clearly designate which duties they are responsible for, the amount of data they are able to access on the POS system, and inform them of their work schedules well ahead of time.

Hourly Sales Reports These essential reports help inform business owners when their busiest days occur so that business operations can be strategized accordingly. For example, if your POS system clearly indicates a historically busy day is looking ahead, you can assemble your staff accordingly, with extra personnel available to help facilitate a smooth and easy operation for both customers and the business itself.

Integrated Time Clock: Built-in time clocks are valued among business owners worldwide. Long gone are the days when manual clocking in was the norm. The archaic practice of manually checking in and out of work hours can result in plenty of errors in hours, pay, and overall costs for business owners, ultimately taking away from their financial bottom line.

ShopKeeps built-in clock is incredibly multi-functional and can identify important details such as which employee processed a certain transaction on a specific day. Importantly. The system can also administer shift reports to monitor things such as employee performance and time.

Reporting Tools

A broad range of analytics tools is fully integrated into ShopKeeps POS system. Delivering real-time analyses of sales data to inform optimal business decisions, these analytics tools provide a comprehensive, in-depth view of company sales, sales data pertaining to specific products or sales sold by individual employees on any specific day.

This dynamic tool helps business owners keep abreast of their company on the micro and macro level, while also providing opportunities to investigate issues of missing money and products.

Among the many other functions found in ShopKeeps reporting tools suite are reports for top-selling products, most profitable days, most profitable items, daily comparisons, and sales summaries.

Offline Mode

Offline mode is a concern many retailers and business owners don’t take into consideration when purchasing their POS systems. However, understanding the critical importance of offline mode can help business owners develop backup plans in the event of system downtime.

While internet outages do happen on occasion, your business should in no way be prevented from operating during these times. ShopKeep’s offline mode function provides business owners the ability to easily accept cash sales until the point when all systems are back online.

Through this essential apparatus, ShopKeep essentially keeps business owners in business, without the worry and stress involved from internet outages.

Note: In times of internet outage, ShopKeep’s POS system will automatically save all transactions in a local capacity and subsequently upload the information upon reconnection to the internet.

Third Party Integrations

Third-party integrations have increasingly become essential add-on components to modern POS systems.

QuickBooks, for example, is an accounting program that is ubiquitously integrated with POS systems to provide business owners a potent all-in-one business solution to streamline business operations, manage employees and inventory, but also to do in-house accounting.

When paired with QuickBooks, ShopKeep automatically transmits sales data to QuickBooks, thus saving considerable time over manually entering information and ensures future business accounting will be easy, accurate, and stress-free.

ShopKeep is also capable of fully integrating with MailChimp, which offers business owners a unique opportunity to run their own email marketing campaign utilizing customer contact data gleaned from the ShopKeep POS integrates with MailChimp, giving you the ability to run email marketing campaigns using the customer contact data you’ve collected.

Note: In case you work with a developer and need custom integrations, an API is available.

Customer Support

ShopKeep provides several options for customer support. With their 24/7 support line, business owners can reach live representatives who can assist with troubleshooting or provide additional education about the POS system as a whole.

In comparison to the customer support options provided by other POS companies, ShopKeep is distinct with their quick response times, and comprehensive support center featuring a fully searchable information base, including start-up guides, video support, and an FAQ section.

Among ShopKeep’s vast array of user-friendly resources are its online blog featuring up-to-date information about new features and how to run businesses optimally for long-term success and sustainability.

Of note is their Small Business 101 guide that guides aspiring entrepreneurs through the litany of steps involved with starting a small business, including the crucial topics of funding, planning, permits, insurance, procuring a location, designing a layout for a store, and how to successfully market to customers.

Competitive Pricing and Terms

ShopKeep’s POS system relies on iPad technology for business owners and retailers that are looking for state-of-the-art functionality in a small package that is packed with all the features found at bigger businesses.

Due to its iPad integration, ShopKeep POS system has been able to keep its pricing low, with simple flat-rate pricing of just $69 per month. This is in stark contrast to competing POS systems fearing pricing that is tier-based and reliant on the integration of single features.

Additionally, many POS system manufacturers are notorious for charging business owners’ additional fees for so-called premium customer support. In contrast, ShopKeep maintains an all-in-one POS service inclusive of all the most essential feature, free 24/7 live customer support, and a plethora of user-friendly resources at a conveniently low price.

With no maintenance or service fees, ShopKeep’s POS system customers will never expect any extra fees or service charges. Even their month-to-month service plan is priced at the same low price, enabling business owners to remain commitment-free without fears of incurring the exorbitant cancellation or termination feed associated with other POS companies.


Widely acclaimed as the “Best All-In-One” POS System for Small Businesses, Vend is used by over 20,000 retailers across the globe. Vend’s consistent position on the consumer market as the paramount POS system for small businesses has resulted in an immense surge of popularity along with a boom in sales.

With its unique design, Vend POS systems provide a range of dynamic capabilities for retailers and small business owners, thus furthering its reputation as the premier POS system offering all the convenience, flexibility, and efficacy consumers are looking for.

Vend POS systems are used by retail businesses including, but not limited to Disney, Ecco, Sennheiser, Jurlique, and The Harvard Shop to optimally manage sales, inventory, and customers.

Vend is internationally recognized as the premier POS system for retailers prioritizing flexibility and customization. Its ultra-flexible application can be readily customized in a multitude of ways to support the input of data on devices from touchscreens to the more traditional keyboard and mouse method.

Flexibility and Ease of Use

Vend’s level of flexibility and customization remains unrivaled in the POS system industry. Most notably, it is their immensely intuitive, easy-to-use, and fully customizable POS screen that can be adjusted to showcase on the most oft-used items or processes that sets it apart from the competition.

Vend POS systems impressive level of adaptability is further highlighted by its ability to be fully compatible with an array of equipment, devices, and systems such as receipt printers, cash drawers, and barcode scanners. In addition to iPad, Vend POS systems can be operated on PC web browsers, Android and Mac devices.

A quick overview of Vend’s POS system easy-to-use features:

  • Simple, expansive, and intuitive interface
  • eercast Requires minimal raining
  • eercast Cloud-based for use on internet browsers
  • eercast Runs on iPad technology
  • eercast Compatible with third-party hardware
  • eercast Back office navigation system with simple menu bar
  • eercast Guided product tour
  • eercast Dashboard provides instant access to tutorials and system resources
  • eercast Can be connected with POS equipment such as printers, credit card readers and cash drawers
  • eercast Supports uploadable data such as price books and product lists
  • eercast Quick and easy setup
  • eercast Unique Shopify online store feature
  • eercast No need to manually enter SKUs, customer information, or other data when using CSV lists
  • eercast Single step data transfer

Affordable Pricing

Despite Vend’s assemblage of essential features and tools, it remains among the most scalable and affordable systems.

Among its many unique features are affording business owners the choice of preferred payment processors, full compatibility with third-party POS hardware components, and options to pick and choose from an array of add-ons and accessories such as the convenient appointment-scheduling function allowing service-based stores to further optimize customer relations and business operations.

  • Note: Business owners who are already in possession of equipment may continue to use it in conjunction with Vend POS system.

Vend’s pricing is particularly favorable to small businesses. Offering no-contract, month-to-month service plans, Vend charges a nominal fee for its software and provides users the ability to cancel at any time without incurring cancellation or termination fees.

Business owners interested in Vend’s long-term plans can opt from four options with varying subscription rates dependent on your specific business and retail needs. Notably, Vend is one of the only POS systems available on the consumer market currently offering a free plan.

Vend’s free POS system plan is ideal for start-up businesses that may not be able to afford the additional cost of a performance POS system. This fantastic option supports single register use, up to ten different products, and one thousand customers. Further, it enables new business owners to test-drive Vend’s system capabilities and become familiarized with its many tools and features benefiting the growth of the business.

Vend POS system plans prices are as follows:

  • Free: Single register use, ten products, and one thousand customers
  • eercast Starter: $69.00- Single register use, up to three users, unlimited customers and products, and 24/7 customer support through chat or email
  • eercast Advanced: $99.00 – All the same features as the starter plan along with a loyalty plan, advanced reporting, and Vend E-commerce service. This plan’s price can be reduced to just $79.00 when paid annually and allows for additional registers at $49.00 per month, as well as “priority phone support” for $19.00 monthly
  • eercast Multi-Outlet Plan: $249.00 or $199.00 if paid annually. Comes with all the features included on the Advanced plan, in addition, to free [priority phone support service, and an assemblage of useful tools to assist with managing reporting, customer relations, and the oversight of inventory across multiple locations.

Overview of Vend POS System Features

Credit card processing: Business owners can choose from an array of processors to easily integrate credit card processing with Vend’s POS system.

Providing business owners the ability to choose their preferred processor enables them to search for the best plans, rates, and terms that are of most benefit for their establishment.

Business within the United States can opt from Vantiv, PayPal, or Square, with each of these merchants providing payment processing terminals, mobile card readers accept magnetic stripe cards in addition to mobile wallet options such as Apple Pay.

Merchants opting for a service provider out of the three listed above, but it won’t be integrated into Vend’s POS system, rather, it would be used in conjunction with your mobile card reader and payment terminal.

While not nearly as convenient, it’s an option appropriate for some businesses who are already under contract with other providers or those who wish to maintain service with their current provider.

Inventory management: Vend’s wealth of inventory tools automates a variety of tasks, from low-stock alerts, inventory counts, and automatic reordering when inventory counts fall to a pre-set threshold.

Vend’s inventory management tools save business owners an incredible amount of time and reduce labor costs. Without having to constantly monitor inventory and manage manual input, personnel can prioritize on the more important aspects of the business such as customers and service.

  • Note: Vend’s Multi-Outlet plan provides business owners the ability to oversee inventory and stock levels at multiple locations, in addition to transferring products between stores.

Product management: Vend makes it exceptionally easy to manage a business’s various products. The system’s efficient tools update, add and remove items, in addition to facilitating critical tac information and the input of inventory and stock.

  • Note: Vend also supports variations in products with a few examples being colors, sizes, bundles, and composites

Additionally, Vend’s POS system allows for the creation of custom pricing based on various criteria such as special promos, pre-set discounts, types of customers, and locations, thus saving time in addition to reducing errors as well as the number of lost sales and customer retention opportunities.

Customer database and loyalty program: Vend stores customer information when sales are rung up. Information can be customized to save contact info, the item or service purchased, and any pertinent notes about the transaction.

This information can be easily uploaded to Vend’s customer database via a CSV file.

Used in conjunction with Vend’s dynamic reporting tools, business owners can analyze data to discover who their best customers are and subsequently create specialize lists comprised of critically important information such as account balances, payment history, purchase history, and more.

The wealth of information that Vend’s POS system helps business owners procure enables businesses to strategize their customer relations and marketing schemes to ultimately reach out to customers in a highly effective, targeted fashion.

  • Note: Vend’s Multi-Outlet and Advanced plans come with an integrated loyalty program designed to boost sales by cultivating first-time customers into repeat customers. Customers can be added to the loyalty program at the time of checkout, or they can opt for sign-up via email. The loyalty program can be highly customized, with a prime example being an available option to pre-configure point amounts for specific products if running a promo

Integration of Email Marketing: Gives retailers and business owners the ability to connect through a variety of third-party programs.

Real-time reporting: Vend’s efficient reporting tools function to analyze sales data to assist business owners in coming to an understanding of how their establishment is performing as a collective whole.

Through the assemblage of important reporting information provided to owners, they can implement changes, as well as embark upon making the most prudent business decisions for the future.

Third-party integrations: Vend’s POS system is easily integrated with accounting software such as QuickBooks and Xero to service business needs in an all-in-one fashion.

Integrated accounting software can automatically import sales data, create invoices, reconcile sales with bank account balances and far more.

Additional integrations are readily available for those business owners who need functions assisting with e-commerce, appointment scheduling, advanced employee management, email marketing, and premium inventory management.

Customer Service

Vend provides the following customer service options:

  • 24/7 customer support via email and live chat (with paid plans)
  • eercast Priority phone support with Advanced and Multi-Outlet plans
  • eercast Video tutorials
  • eercast Help center with a comprehensive knowledge base, how-to articles, quick-start guides, and FAQ section
  • eercast On-site assistance: A collective of training professionals, suppliers, and partners can visit your business and provide assistance with a range of fees
  • eercast Vend U: Provides business owners with on-demand training modules, live webinars, demo videos, access to a community forum, a retail newsletter with the latest tips on running successful businesses


Vend E-commerce allows retailers and business owners to open their own online store that syncs in with the in-store PO system housing the businesses important information such as sales and inventory.

Available only with the Advanced or Multi-Outlet plan, this feature provides business owners with additional tools to grow their establishment in an online context.

Bindo POS

Widely acclaimed as the Best Mobile POS System for iPad, Bindo POS has outshined its competitors in a market-wide analysis of POS systems.

A feature-rich POS system; Bindo’s website proclaims that it has more than three hundred unique features, as well as being at the forefront of rolling out new POS products and software on a near-monthly basis.

Bindo’s iPad-integrated POS system is ubiquitously used by small businesses with single or multiple locations, as well as in the restaurant, service, and retail industries.

Providing an array of innovative features including a product database serving to streamline inventory processes and “Identity Safeguard” technology proving precision timekeeping, Bindo also provides business owners with Simple Scan inventory processes, and powerful features are facilitating the management of customers, staff, reporting and far more.

Read on to learn more about Bindo’s iPad-enabled POS system.

Bindo POS System Features

Inventory Management

Bindo makes it easy to add bulk inventory items to their POS system. In contrast to the many POS systems on the market which require users to import data and engage in manual input of items, Bindo’s Simple Scan Technology is an amazing time saver enabling users to rapidly add products through a simple scan of a barcode.

Bindo’s Simple Scan Technology has an immense database of over ten million products, affording users the ability to easily populate product information such as item names, photos, descriptions, and other criteria.

Bindo is an efficient inventory tracker, with a product matrix allowing the effortless ability to add sizes and colors to items, create itemized purchase orders, program low-stock alerts, and make custom inventory and stock reports.

Staff Management

Bindo allows staff to create user profiles for individual employees in addition to assigning specific roles and duties while controlling levels of access to the programming.

Bindo’s POS system is programmed to provide employees with their own individual dashboards that are pin-protected, enable clocking in and out of work, and takes their photo during each process to safeguard against other employees clocking in for their peers, resulting in transparent and accurate timekeeping.

Competitive Pricing

While Bindo doesn’t advertise its pricing on their business website, their quoted rates are among the most competitive in the consumer market, with a one register single location starting at just $59.00 per month.

Similar to their competitors, Bindo offers payment processing services. Charges are as follows:

  • Flat rate of 2.49 percent for each transaction plus fifteen cents per transaction made with a card reader device
  • eercast 3.49 percent plus 15 cents for transactions that are manually keyed in
  • eercast Note: Bindo provides the option of choosing other credit card processing companies such as Vantiv, Heartland, First Data, and Chase Payments to allow business owners to search for the best rates, plans, and terms

Customer Management

Bindo places an incredible amount of emphasis on customer relationship management (referred to as CRM) and informs business owners that the concept is paramount to boosting sales.

Bindo’s built-in customer relationship management is equipped with a plethora of robust features to assist business owners in managing their customer database, thus cultivating an ability to strengthen relationships with customers by getting to know them better by analyzing their purchase, frequency of visits, preferences and far more.

Through the simple swipe of a credit card at the time of purchase, Bindo allows business owners to generate a customer profile which can be augmented with customer photos to help staff identify top customers and create personalized offers, coupons, and unique experiences for them.

Bindo also has a built-in customer loyalty program keeping track of customer spending and the accumulation of rewards points. Business owners can opt for points to be based on a number of things, from the number of products or services purchased, number of orders, or the number of visits, or the number of total purchases.

Customer loyalty points can be easily printed on receipts so that they are aware of how many they have accumulated, while those points can also be positioned on customer profiles within the POS to enable staff to easily identify rewards amounts.


Bindo’s Storefront software allows retailers to connect their POS system to their websites via the addition of lined coding. The Storefront software is an extremely powerful tool for business owners allowing them to transfer their entire inventory from the in-store POS system to their Bindo online store.

Through Storefront, customers are able to choose to have purchases picked up at the in-store location or to have them delivered. On the retailer end, purchases are synchronized online and offline within the POS system, so users aren’t faced with having to keep up with numerous data points.

Analytics and Reporting

Bindo’s comprehensive set of reporting tools and analytics give retailers and small business owners a powerful ability to oversee all aspects of their business, its performance and the ways it can be strengthened for future success.

Dynamic tools such as income statement analysis, historical comparisons, transaction histories, daily closing amounts, accounting reports, purchase information, and sales reports make their POS system among the most well-equipped in the consumer market.

Customer Support

Bindo’s customer support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by telephone, email, or live chat. Live chat with customer representatives is available on the customer website in addition to the many social media channels Bindo is present on.

The POS Learning Center is an important highlight from Bindo. Offering an easy-to-search knowledge base, an assemblage of informative articles organized by topic, quick-start guides, troubleshooting articles, and an FAQ section, Bindo’s Learning Center is among the most information-laden online knowledge bases on the POS system market.

Email Marketing

Bindo can be easily integrated with third-party email marketers such as Constant Contact and MailChimp. Integrating with these third-party marketing companies enables businesses to produce targeted marketing campaigns through email in addition to the mailing lists.

Bindo POS system’s accumulation of customer data, contact information, and unique insights create a wealth of information to use in any business marketing endeavor.


Voted as the best point-of-sale system for restaurants, TouchBistro was chosen from among dozens of competing systems.

TouchBistro has been the perennial top POS system pick for restaurants due to its robust collection of restaurant-specific components assisting business owners to manage reservations, tables, catering, delivery, and much more.

With no long-term contract requirements, this affordable POS system is compatible with an array of payment processors and hardware from third-parties, thus enabling users to research the best prices, terms, and plans for their individual needs.

Whether you’re the owner of a diner, casual eatery, pub, food truck, or fine-dining establishment, TouchBistro can optimize your business in myriad ways.

Read on to learn more about Bindo’s iPad-enabled POS system.

Competitive Pricing, Plans, and Terms

TouchBistro has long been heralded as being among the most affordable, cost-effective point-of-sale systems available for restaurants.

From four pricing plans, users can pick and choose from various software and number of iPads to build a system that is perfect for their business needs.

Rates are as follows:

  • Solo plan: $69.00 monthly with one iPad
  • eercast Dual plan: $129.00 monthly with two iPads
  • eercast Team plan: $249.00 monthly with up to five iPads
  • eercast Custom: Quotes are available from TouchBistro based on your establishment’s particular needs, with a free trial offered before commitment.

Note: All of TouchBistro’s plans come with the full array of essential features, support unlimited users, and have cloud-based reporting.

TouchBistro’s Pricing Highlights:

  • No long-term contracts
  • eercast Ability to cancel anytime without monetary penalty
  • eercast Ability to use your choice of payment processors
  • eercast iPad integration removes need to invest in costly hardware
  • eercast Compatibility with third-party POS equipment reduced set-up costs in comparison to traditional POS systems in restaurants
  • eercast Extremely cost effective, users only need an iPad, cash drawer, and AirPort router to start at a minimized level
  • eercast Ability to add peripherals such as receipt printers without the expense of purchasing single non-integrated items


TouchBistro is an iPad mobile-POS system that removes the issue of having customers lined up at checkout counters to pay their bills. Mobility is demonstrated in a multitude of ways. A great example is how waitstaff or servers can take the POS system along with them, anywhere in the restaurant to take orders, conduct tableside payments, or assist waiting customers.

Regardless of a restaurant’s specific set up, TouchBistro’s ultra-functional mobile POS can work anywhere, anytime within your establishment top streamline business operations and practices and improve customer satisfaction.

The mobility of the POS system encompasses multiple benefits, with another notable example being the ability of servers to focus on providing top-notch service as opposed to wasting time traversing back and forth between customers and cash drawers.

TouchBistro’s Mobile POS systems ability to help restaurants run more efficiently is further highlighted by its cloud-based reporting feature, enabling restaurant owners to rapidly access front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house elements remotely through a browser on any device.

Table Management

For those dine-in restaurants with a complete floor plan, TouchBistro offers a useful color coding tool for tables and their seats to facilitate the process of taking and distributing orders, in addition to identifying which particular server is in charge of a table.

TouchBistro also makes it exceedingly easy to create customizable options such as open-style tabs to store things such as credit card information for regular customers, thus expediting payment transactions and streamlining service.

Far too often, busy restaurants become overwhelmed by the hectic atmosphere, with servers forgetting which tables they are in charge of, or mistakenly providing orders to the wrong table. TouchBistro removes these kinds of mistakes even in the midst of the busiest days at a restaurant.

Through it assemblage of efficient tools, staff can easily identify their tasks and responsibilities, thus reducing the chances of mistakes made, while improving customer satisfaction.

Kiosk and Menu Modes

For quick-service restaurants, casual dining facilities, or even food trucks, TouchBistro’s Kiosk application can be a veritable lifesaver regarding saving time, improving customer satisfaction, and streamlining business operations to enable staff to focus on the more pressing matters at hand.

TouchBistro’s Kiosk application essentially lets customers place orders themselves, while also enabling them to pay on the device as well. As a result, diners no longer have to wait for busy servers to take their orders or to come back at the end of the meal to procure payment.

The significant reduction in wait time for customers is an exceptional benefit that lets customers order their food as soon as they are ready and pay their bill when they see fit, all without having to wait for a server to come assist them.

For table-service types of restaurants, servers can utilize the menu mode to show indecisive customers images of menu items on a bright, color, full-sized screen. This innovation saves time for both staff and diners and makes the dining experience pleasant, efficient, and stress-free.

Bill Splitting

Bill splitting has long been an annoyance for servers and wait staff. In years past, employees would have to calculate the difference along with the appropriate taxes for each section of the bill. Even on the older POS systems, bill splitting proved to be arduous.

Believe it or not, many older POS systems made the task of splitting bills exceedingly difficult With hard to find bill splitting functions, POS systems that lack an intuitive design can cause servers to waste precious time searching for this considerably basic option that many customers employ.

TouchBistro efficient bill splitting option takes all the frustration out of the process and helps servers and wait staff split a bill rapidly even among large parties of diners.

Additionally, TouchBistro can help servers maximize time by splitting the bill by individual seat, rather than splitting it into different sections of the bill.

With no frustrating calculating involved or hunting down functions, TouchBistro enables servers to do their jobs in a professional, expeditious manner with just a few taps on the intuitive iPad touchscreen.

Modifying and Customizing Orders

Just as frustrating as bill splitting is the ordeal of processing custom orders, particularly when it comes to large groups of diners.

Restaurants that are not equipped with POS systems can end up wasting a considerable amount of time through servers having to take lengthy custom orders that have traditionally been hard to convey to cooking staff and are prone to mistakes.

TouchBistro makes the tasks of modifying and customizing orders easy and convenient. With its intuitive, user-friendly interface, it becomes immensely easy to add an array of modifiers to the POS system.

Wait staff can also input any customer’s special request to an order as a custom modifier that can be saved for future use.

TouchBistro’s POS system allows restaurants to input innumerable modification, from different ways to cook steak, substitutions for meals (ex. Vegetables instead of mashed potatoes) or a custom order.

Working in conjunction with the modifying and customizing function is TouchBistros Modifier Report that keeps a historical record of custom orders, so users can identify popular options, modifications, and custom requests.

Automatic Discounts

TouchBistro’s vast array of time-saving features included the ability to create automatic discounts for parties, events, promotional days, happy hour, and more.

During these busy events, TouchBistro’s automatic discounting function can streamline payment processes, enabling cashiers to efficiently run through customers at a rapid rate without any frustrating wait times or long lines.

The Automatic Discounting function is an immensely unique feature that can be easily configured into POS systems to perform tasks such as applying preset discounts based on orders made at specific times of the day, the number of items ordered, and far more.


TouchBistro library of reporting tools assist restaurant owners in not only managing their business and streamlining operations but also growing their business in unprecedented ways.

Touchbistro achieves this with their collection of critically important reports covering things like sales data, expense reports, analytics, inventory counts, bestselling versus poorly selling items, top servers or servers who need improvement, and so much more.

TouchBistro takes a restaurant’s most salient information and turns them into easy-to-read comprehensive reports that provide a clear view of business performance, what strategies need to be undertaken, and the avenues that need to be explored for improvement.

Customer Support

TouchBistro provides “Anytime Support,” free of charge for every one of its customers. Customer support representatives are available by telephone 24/7 or via email.


In today’s modern times, it is of critical importance for restaurant owners to have a POS designed specifically for restaurant-type environments. Point-of-sale systems designed for restaurants are created with a multitude of specific elements that benefit restaurants in ways that generic POS systems cannot.

Equipped with software that facilitates common restaurant-specific elements such as the splitting of bills, managing tables, customizing floors plans, and modifying menus, restaurant-specific POS systems are an invaluable resource that benefits owners in countless ways.

Today, hundreds of thousands of restaurants use restaurant-specific POS systems to increase profits, build customer bases, assist with marketing, and save money through the oversight of inventory, employees, and daily sales figures.

Coming complete with simple, intuitive, user-friendly interfaces, convenient touchscreens, and rapid processing, restaurant POS systems are fast becoming standard fixtures in establishments across the globe.

Built for restaurant success, POS systems not only increase sales but also help to develop intelligent front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house processes.

POS systems that are designed for restaurants are continuously incorporating new technology and unique features while including industry-specific capabilities to gear your restaurant for unprecedented success.

If you are a restaurant owner who wants to transform the heart and soul of your business from the inside out, while boosting profits and cultivating a collection of repeat customers, invest in a POS system today to experience an array of instant benefits. You will be well on your way to becoming a standout fixture in a saturated market.

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