Best Standing Desks for 2022 (and Why They’re So Awesome)

Best Standing Desk (and Why They’re So Awesome) for 2018
Best Standing Desk (and Why They’re So Awesome) for 2018

Most of us spend a huge amount of time sitting at our desks. Sometimes, our job dictates that we sit at our desk for a huge part of the day.Other times, our hobbies such as writing, gaming and even just surfing the web, involve sitting at a computer or even writing or drawing at a desk.

The height-adjustable standing desk has become very popular in recent years. People are starting to wake up to the idea that sitting at a desk can be harmful and many studies have shown that the detrimental effects of being sat down all day are worse than you may have feared. Humans aren’t really designed to be sat at a desk all day and only in recent years has it become the norm to spend 40 hours (or more) working week doing so. Many of us have terrible posture, and even if you’re one of those who don’t, the risks are still evident—and the sit-stand desk changing the way we think about working at a desk.

It is good practice to take breaks from being sat down. Most of us don’t need any encouragement (especially at work) to take a five-minute break, stretch the legs and even get some fresh air. This isn’t enough on its own to negate the effects.

Fortunately, standing desks are providing an answer as more and more people turn to either fully standing or adjustable desks, which allow you to choose the position and whether you will be sat or standing while you crack on with some work or just enjoy some serious gaming time!

Benefits of Standing Desks

Lowers Obesity Risk

Standing burns 50 calories more an hour than sitting. For anyone trying to shift a few pounds of weight, this can be great news! Standing is far from strenuous exercise, but it is very good for our body. In one test, the calorie intake of a group of office workers increased and they were split into two: half with standing desks, half with sitting. It was found that the 50% with standing desks were much less likely to gain weight than those who didn’t.

Lowers Obesity Risk

There is a level of common sense involved here but many are shocked to hear that something as simple as standing at a desk can burn thousands of calories even over the course of just a week! Of course, it should be twinned with regular walks and other forms of exercise too.

Improved Posture

When you use a standing desk, you are basically training your posture at the same time. Poor posture is a problem which is rife in the 21st century but by positioning your standing desk correctly, you can tackle this issue. The screen should be just above eye level, meaning you don’t have to strain to see but that you aren’t tempted to slouch or slump over while standing. You will need to stand up straight to use your computer. Most standing desks are easy to do this with and will allow you to still have your mouse and keyboard at a comfortable level.

Not only is increased posture a side effect of the shift to standing up at your desk, one study has shown that it is far less likely to cause back pain that can occur sitting on certain types of office chair. Most of us know how difficult it can be to find a chair which doesn’t cause any back strains or issues.

Increased Life Span

This sounds like quite a hefty claim for just using a certain type of desk. However, this is not an unfounded claim at all. Studies have shown that people with careers that involve standing instead of sitting tend to live up to two years longer. Naturally, this could be linked to the other benefits such as the lower risk of obesity and the complications this can cause.

Improved Energy Levels and Mood

You are far less likely to feel sluggish and tired while standing. Your body won’t go into a sedentary state where your body is getting triggers that it is time to sleep, blood will keep flowing around your body and energy levels will be higher. This translates to a higher mood, which is backed up by a lot of anecdotal evidence and reports of those who have made the switch to standing.

Lower Chance of Heart Disease

It is generally agreed that people who spend a lot of time sitting have an increased chance of experiencing problems with their heart, especially later in life. Scientists have been studying this for many decades, and some studies have shown that those who spend a lot of time sitting in one spot for work or other reasons may have up to a 147% higher chance of developing heart issues.

Still Need Convincing?

There are loads of other reasons standing desks are awesome. Other studies have shown them to increase productivity, lower blood sugar levels, and more. There are very few downsides to standing desks unless you have some other health condition which requires you to be sitting. As well as this, many of the desks out there allow you to choose between sitting and standing positions.

Best Standing Desk

On to our reviews of some of the best standing desks on the market. This type of product has exploded onto the market and has only become mainstream in recent years. This means there are some really great products on the marketbut there are also some standing desks to avoid that don’t boast the same great features.

Whether you’re looking for a standing desk for the home or office, and whatever budget you have, we’ve listed some great products which will suit your needs.

VARIDESK 49900 – Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

VARIDESK 49900 – Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

Why not start with the very best? The Varidesk is very much the king of the standing desk, with thousands of happy users and a load of exceptional features.

The Varidesk is a large standing desk, which means it can be used even if you have more than one monitor or if you need a laptop and desktop open at the same time, for instance. The design is available with four different finishes including a black, white, and two different wooden designs, so you can find something which fits perfectly with your office’s design.

As many of these types of desk do, this has two tiers—one for the monitor or monitors and a lower tier for your keyboard and mouse.

Another huge benefit is that this product comes ready-assembled. Due to the fact that it is adjustable, some of the assembly of this product could have provided quite the challenge. Fortunately, it is ready straight out of the box.

The Varidesk comes with a choice of 11 different positions which provide an intuitive and natural standing position no matter what shape or size you are. The spring lifting mechanism allows you to quickly adjust in just a matter of seconds when you want to move from a standing to a sitting position or vice versa.

The only significant ‘con’ I can see with this product is the fact that it is a little pricey. Some of the other desks on the market are much cheaper. However, the Varidesk is backed by thousands of good reviews and when you consider all the benefits, it provides excellent value for money.

SDADI Carpet Wheel Mobile Stand Up Desk

SDADI Carpet Wheel Mobile Stand Up Desk

This is a stand-up desk on the other side of the spectrum, in many ways, with a totally different design to most of the other products out there. It is also on the lower end of the market in terms of cost, but that doesn’t mean it is flimsy and for many people, the SDADI may be the ideal choice for stand up desks.

It is worth mentioning that this desk is probably best for laptops or compact desktops and monitors as it is not the biggest product out there, but that isn’t to say it doesn’t have loads of great features. It is totally freestanding and doesn’t sit on top of another desk like many of the standing desk ‘converter’ products out there. The SDADI is even on wheels meaning you can move it around your home and office. The wheels lock to make sure it is sturdy when you put it into the desired position. It is 100% adjustable between 27.5 and 45.3 inches, meaning you can get the most out of this no matter what height you are.

The clever flexibility of the SDADI also means that there are two panels, which can be adjusted and put into various positions for your computer, tablets, and other desktop items.

Though this may not be the absolute best and sturdiest desk out there, we’ve included it due to a number of unique features such as the ability to roll it into position and the fact that its two panels are so flexible. This is a wonderful standing desk for those on a budget or for anyone wanting a desk for their home and lets you quickly and easily switch positions depending on whether you are sat or standing.

Amazon Basics Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

Amazon Basics Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

Sometimes, Amazon gets involved with making and marketing products as well as selling them and this is the case with standing desks. This product, like many on the market, is technically a standing desk converter. It will turn any table, desk, or other flat surface into a standing desk.

This is a very sturdy piece of kit, weighing in at 55 lbs. This is partially due to its size. This desk is big enough for a couple of screens or other desk items so you won’t find yourself cramped while trying to get work done. It has a 35-lb capacity so you can put plenty on this surface before you have to worry about the integrity of the unit being compromised.

The Amazon Basics desk converter is totally adjustable, using a single lever to adjust anywhere between 5.5 inches in height all the way up to 21 inches so it can flex to the surface you put it on as well as your own preference (and body height). Furthermore, as it is not a full desk, it will be shipped to your door fully assembled, meaning you don’t have to spend hours with your tool set trying to work out the mechanism!

The keyboard tray is perfect for controlling your mouse and typing away with no strain at all. This adapter is designed for a desk which is 24 inches deep but this isn’t totally strict and it can be used effectively on other desks and surfaces.

This desk really struck me as being incredibly well built as well as easy to adjust, and AmazonBasics offer a limited warranty of up to five years on this product, showing the incredible confidence they have that it won’t break or disappoint you! You need an existing desk or surface, but considering the quality features and reasonable price, this isn’t a problem for most of us.


Standing desks are becoming more common by the week. As you can see by the products we’ve listed above, there are different styles, whether you need a portable desk which can be wheeled around, a big, sturdy desk, or simply a converter to turn your old seated desk into a standing desk, there are some wonderful options out there. All of the models mentioned are adjustable, which is an essential criterion. Most people have different body sizes and shapes and you may even wish to share this desk with others in your home and office, meaning that the ability to move it up and down is crucial.

Not everyone will choose to stand all day, but the benefits are clear to see, and having the choice between standing and sitting is only going to be a good thing, allowing you to stretch your legs, burn some calories, and even work more effectively!

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