How To Choose A Pest Control Spray

Pest Control Spray

It can be overwhelming when you walk into a store where you’re faced with countless options for pest control sprays. There are so many different varieties, brands, and even formulas, how can someone possibly choose the best home pest control spray for their specific bug problem?

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Choosing the right pest control spray is essential for pest control management, there is no denying that. However, there’re a few important key points that you should consider first before deciding which pest control spray product is best suited to meet your needs.

In this article, we are going to be discussing what you will want to look for in choosing the best pest control spray that can take care of your pest problem.

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Does Your Pest Problem Require A Pest Control Spray

All too often, the first sign of any sort of pest, we panic, and we are reaching for something to get rid of the problem. Before you even get to that point, you have to consider if you even have a problem on your hands. In some situations, you can deal with the problem simply by removing the root of the problem.

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Examples of this would be to close open windows, treating any exposed wood to prevent termites, or other wood-boring insects, or even making sure your home/yard is clean.

What Kind of Pest Are You Dealing With?

Before you can purchase any sort of pest control spray, you have to know some basic information about the particular pest you’re dealing with. Did you turn to Google to figure out what kind of pest you have or did you have an expert come in and check it out? When a pest is misidentified, you could spend a lot of money and time correcting a mistake.

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When you are looking at possible pesticides, make sure the pest you are dealing with is on the label. Many times products will say they can eradicate an exurbanite number of pests, but they don’t list the bugs by name. Always double check to make sure your pest is listed.

Decide Where The Pest Control Spray Will Be Applied

You do not want to purchase a product that is labeled as an indoor pest control spray use when your pest problem is out on the patio or the garden. However, not only do you want to keep in mind the intended usage of the product, but also if the treatment area is by somewhere that could become contaminated, like a playground, garden, or pool.

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Pay close attention to the label because it will tell you the intended location where the product should be used. For example, a flea spray might be labeled for use outside on the grass, while another could be intended to be sprayed inside on the carpet only, and then another could specify that it can be used on your pets.

Decide Which Formulation Is Required

Pesticides are available in a variety of formulas:

  • Dry formulas
  • Dust
  • Granules
  • Ready-To-Use Liquid Spray
  • Non-toxic pest control sprays
  • Baits
  • Liquid formulas
  • Aerosol Sprays
  • Concentrated Liquid Spray
  • Organic pest control sprays

You are going to want to think about where the product is going to be applied. Will the product be in an area where humans, animals, and even food or water will come in contact with it? If so, you may want to choose a non-toxic or even organic pest control spray that has already been mixed.

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Concentrated pesticides can be harmful if you don’t read the directions carefully. However, with a concentrated formula, you can make the pesticide as strong or as weak as needed. If you do decide to purchase a concentrate, we recommend that you read the directions carefully and thoroughly.

Also, another factor you should be considering when choosing a concentrated formula is if there is a specific pest control spray equipment required in order to get a proper application. If so, that could be an extra cost.

Desired Effectiveness And Protection Duration Of The Product

In a perfect world, the pest control spray that you choose would be able to terminate the pest right away, and they’ll never come back. However, that isn’t how it works. When you want to choose a product, you may want to take some time and research the best pest control spray for homes according to people who have actually used the product.

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In these user reviews, you can learn important information such as how effective the product was in killing the pest and how long the product worked at keeping the pests away. Also, you will learn other information like price, ease of application, and scent (some pesticides can have a strong chemical scent that is unpleasant, while other products are relatively scent-free).

Pest Control Spray Round-Up

When you are trying to deal with a pest problem, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options on the market for a pest control spray. To the uninformed, they all look alike and presumably work the same. However, that isn’t the case because the sprays could be formulated to treat a specific pest or it is intended to be used under certain conditions.

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You can take the guesswork out of trying to choose the best pest control spray for your home by doing a little bit of homework first. You’ll find that when you know what kind of pest you are dealing with (if you even have a pest problem), where the spray is going to be applied, the type of formula you need, and how effective it will be, you will be able to choose the right product for your particular situation.