Top Desk Under $100 for Your Office on a Budget

Top Desk Under $100 for Your Office on a Budget
Top Desk Under $100 for Your Office on a Budget

Most of us spend lots of time sitting at our desks so having a desk which is substandard in any way is not an option. They’re also likely to be supporting some expensive equipment such as computers, so you can’t take any risks when it comes to build quality either. If you’re building an office at home or elsewhere, the desk will be the center point of the whole room.

That said, we live in an age of affordable furniture, with many brands offering the best budget desk. You may not get exceptional, handmade goods and top-class workmanship, but you can get a sturdy option without breaking the bank. In this article, we explore some of the best desks under $100 to suit your office on a budget.

Buying the Best Desk

Like with gaming desk chairs, the latest gaming desk, keyboard tray, or the standard office chair, it isn’t simply a case of ‘the best budget desk will do.’ Different desks have different strengths and weaknesses and some will better suit your own unique needs. There are plenty of things to consider before you make your purchase.

Size. Your desk needs to be big enough to do everything you want. Think about whether you will need it for doing sketches or writing things by hand as well as putting a computer on. Will you be using a desktop or a laptop? Do you need one monitor or two? These issues need to be considered before choosing a desk.

Sturdiness. Just as it needs to be big enough, your desk needs to be able to hold everything you’re putting on it. If you have a small laptop and a notepad this won’t be much of an issue but, for many of us, desks will have books, plants, globes, and other decorations as well as a computer. If you’re loading up your desk, you need big and sturdy.

Buying the Best Desk

Assembly. As with buying any sort of furniture, assembly might be required, at least partially. If putting things together isn’t your strong suit, then buying a desk that needs loads of tools and expertise probably isn’t the best bet. Building furniture is no fun, especially if you’re not good at it.

Storage. Do you need the desk to feature any sort of storage? Many desks come with drawers or shelves to come as part of the design. This may be necessary or it could be absolutely vital if you have documents you need to stow away or organize inside a desk.

Design. Naturally, you want something that looks good and fits in with the design of the rest of your office. Considering things like the wood or finish of the desk, but also the actual design features. You may wish to choose a standing desk or an adjustable option so you can choose the height. Desks can come in multiple shapes. Rounded or L-shaped desks are popular as well as more traditional designs. Measuring up your space and planning it out beforehand is vital.

Price. Naturally, this is a consideration and in this article, we’ve set $100 as the price ceiling. This is plenty to be able to purchase a decent standard of desk that can last you many years.

Best Desks Under $100

Zinus Modern Studio Collection Soho Desk

Zinus Modern Studio Collection Soho Desk

The word ‘minimal’ comes to mind when looking at the Zinus modern studio collection. Their Soho desk is what you might call a basic model. No frills, no extra storage space,and no raised platforms. For many of us, however, this sort of desk is exactly what we need. In spite of not having all the bells and whistles of some other products out there, the Soho desk is on our list for a reason and is exceptionally well built as well as offering some great features for those of us on a budget.

Extremely simple to assemble out of the box and even comes with all of the tools you need to put it together. No worrying about the annoyance of getting it out of the box and not having the correct tool.

Big enough for most computer setups at 47” x 24” x 29”. This should also leave plenty of room for lamps, books, and other items.

Available in a larger 55” size if you do find that you need more space on your desktop.

Extremely stable and sturdy, with a frame made of steel and a wood grain finished top.

Comes with a 1-year warranty so you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong with this desk.

Simplicity is very much the name of the game with the Soho desk. It is great for anyone looking for the least hassle putting a desk together and fits perfectly in pretty much any office design whether minimalistic or busier—all of this at a great cost and while retaining a lot of durability. Just because it is affordable and simple doesn’t mean it can’t look great and the Soho is a good option for offices everywhere.

Flash Furniture Glass L-Shape Computer Desk with Silver Frame Finish

Flash Furniture Glass L-Shape Computer Desk with Silver Frame Finish

L-shaped desks are very popular and it is easy to see why. Whether you use them up against a corner to make the most of your space or put them in the center of your room to create a partition around your desk, the L design can give you a lot of different options, plus, of course, a lot more space. While there are quite a few L-shaped desks available, many are over $100. Fortunately, the Flash Furniture desk is available at a brilliant price.

This does come with its pros and cons, just like any other desk, but there is a lot to like about the Flash Furniture computer desk, not just its price tag.

The desk looks brilliant, with a modern silver finish that fits in with minimal or modern office designs.

It isn’t overly complex to put together and ships with all the tools you need to do so.

It is very sturdy and has four large platform style legs on the floor to keep it sturdy in spite of the large size and capacity.

The left side and the right side are the same length, perfect for fitting neatly into corners and other office spaces.

The cons of this product are few. The instructions for putting together are all image based and could be a little simpler, but most can get through the process of construction pretty simply. Once it has been put together it is hard to move due to the design and doesn’t come apart easily. Some users have had experience with the glass that sits on top of the design becoming uneven if it is knocked, but this is not a huge issue and can be easily replicated.

All in all, for one of the cheapest L-shaped desks on the market, this is a great option which leaves lots of space for multiple screens, printers, or anything else you need to put on your desk.

Ameriwood Home Haven Retro Desk with Riser

Ameriwood Home Haven Retro Desk with Riser

This is another type of design it can be worth taking a look at. The added riser is excellent if you are working with limited space or simply looking for a compact desk setup. The Ameriwood retro desk is definitely very compact and great for fitting into even the tiniest of spaces, while still maximizing the surface area with the extra risen compartment.

The desktop has a capacity of 70 lbs which is certainly not a small amount when you consider the size and lightweight nature of this desk. The measurements are 44.7” x 23.8” x 35.4”. This is perfect for small computers, laptops, or for use a writing desk and storing office essentials.

The legs of this product are described as a metal hairpin design. One of the great benefits of this design is that, while it holds the product in a sturdy, firm position, they don’t take up a lot of room, leaving plenty of space for your chare and freedom of movement under your desk. The hairpin legs are just one feature of a very cool design which has a retro feel to it. The desk is also available in four different color schemes so you can ensure it fits perfectly with your office.

Because of the size, this is often a popular desk for putting in dorm rooms or other small spaces where you may still need some sort of desk. They can be used in home offices too, though, especially if you don’t have masses of things to store on your desk such as printers and books.

The riser is the unique selling point. It has a separate 20 lb capacity and can be great for an extra monitor or just storing things like stationary and books for when you’re not using them. A clever way to make the most of a compact space, all for a very reasonable price tag.

Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk, Cinnamon Cherry Finish

Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk, Cinnamon Cherry Finish

The Sauder Beginnings desk is definitely designed with computers in mind. If you have a desktop computer with a tower, then this is the perfect companion, designed with different compartments perfect for your PC. Most of us use some sort of computer in our office setup, and the Sauder makes our list of best desks under $100 due to its great price, top reviews, and the fact that it has so many different compartments.

The manufacturers really have thought of everything with this desk. It has a higher shelf designed for either an extra monitor or for a printer, or just for other desk items. It also has a slide-out space for your mouse and keyboard. The clever space designed for your computer tower is to the right of the design and, if you don’t have a computer with a tower, this can be used for something else (printer or folders, for instance).

As well as the different shelves for storage, it also has a cupboard style compartment at the bottom, which even has a secret compartment for storing anything which may be sensitive. It has a cherry finish and is versatile enough to be used in pretty much any office space—and fit with most designs both modern and classical.

Coming in at well under the $100 maximum, the Sauder Beginnings computer desk may not be the top choice for artists and architects who use hand drawing and writing more than staring at a screen, but if your computer is the central hub of your desk, then this is a great option for a great price.

TANGKULA Trestle Desk

TANGKULA Trestle Desk

This is a desk with a rustic design, plenty of space, and storage too. Not many of the desks under $100 offer much in the way of storage. Depending on your needs, this may be something that impacts your decision of which desk to buy. The trestle design gives this its unique A-shape look but also gives a lot of sturdiness and the opportunity for storage to be built into the legs. There is only the option for storage space on one side of the trestle table but, depending on the construction, you can choose which side features the storage.

Though there aren’t any clever compartments or raised sections on the desktop itself, the sturdy frame gives it a lot of stability and allows for a lot to be placed on top of it, whether you need to store notebooks or writing utensils, a laptop or a desktop computer. The simple design also means simple construction. This is one of the easiest desks we’ve come across when it comes to putting it together.

Available in black and white designs, there is a simple elegance to the Tangkula, and the trestle style is both fashionable and functional.


The most expensive models of desk can run into thousands of dollars. There is a wide spectrum in terms of design, price, and quality. Fortunately, all of the products we’ve reviewed above are sturdy and reliable and have varying features to suit your exact needs—whether you’re looking for lots of storage, computer space, or just a minimal, simple design.

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