How to Get Rid of German Cockroaches (6 TOP Natural Roach Killer Tips)

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The most common of roaches are the German ones or Blatella germanica. These are essentially a small size species of cockroach that are commonly found in homes. These roaches are fond of living and colonizing warm and dark places. In the case of a German cockroach infestation, you will find roaches scurrying away the moment you turn the lights on or open a door. For some people, these cockroaches are not only a nuisance but they are a phobia. Whether you fear these cockroaches or not, you simply cannot ignore their presence as they spread germs as well as cockroach allergens. Like with the American cockroach, the oriental cockroach, and other cockroach species, for a healthy living it is vital to make your house roach-free and German cockroach control takes quite a lot of effort.

While there are professional services that deal with a German roach infestation and pest control, there are many natural ways of eradicating these pesky little creatures and their egg capsules from your house. Prior to choosing extreme measures, you should opt for more cost effective and safe alternatives like gel baits and other roach baits and removing any food sources for them. The natural pesticides are not only safer to use around children and pets but also cheaper. You can utilize substances such as borax, soapy water and diatomaceous earth against the colonies of German cockroaches with ease. Moreover, preventive measures such as creating repellents with the help of essential oils will help you avoid future infestations.


What are German Cockroaches Like?

  • Before discovering ways of controlling cockroach infestations, you need to educate yourself regarding their habitat and behavior. With this information, you will be able to identify and target these nasty pests effectively.
  • For starters, the German cockroaches are smaller in size compared to the American type (palmetto bugs). You are likely to find these cockroaches in bathrooms and kitchens where water is quite readily available and food scraps can be found. These scavengers feed on meat products, grease, garbage, and sweet food. Make sure to get all the leakages and crevices fixed. Keep all the surfaces clean
  • The German cockroaches have the ability to spread germs, bacteria, and viruses on surfaces, utensils, and dishes. They can cause food poisoning, diarrhea, and gastroenteritis. Allergic reactions and asthma can be caused by their feces
  • They can bite human beings. If you find a red swollen mark on yourself in the morning, it could be from their bite. Bed bugs are not the only pests you need to instantly remove

6 Natural Ways of Getting Rid of German Cockroaches

There are essentially two ways of managing a roach infestation. Firstly, you have the option of setting up natural baits and traps to destroy these nasty insects. Secondly, there is prevention through natural methods. Read on to discover the quickest ways to exterminate German cockroaches from your house. These six natural ways are not only highly effective but very safe to use as well.

1. Diatomaceous earth (DE)

For an effective and safe removal of German cockroaches, opt for food-grade diatomaceous earth. This is basically an abrasive substance that finishes the roaches off by damaging their exoskeletal systems. When the diatomaceous earth cuts into the roach bodies, it causes dehydration and eventual death. Using DE for controlling roach infestation is beneficial as these bugs actually carry it back to their colonies where the DE is rubbed off on the rest of them. This can help in cleaning up an entire colony.

According to research, DE is a highly effective method of eradicating roach colonies and it is very safe to be used around pets and humans. People generally rely on DE to do the job once other methods fail to control the infestation.

How to use:

Make sure to use the food grade DE for this method.

  • Start off by sprinkling a fine layer of DE in areas where you suspect the cockroaches reside or feed
  • Do this step every four to five days until you are completely sure of their eradication

Keep in mind that DE is only effective in removing the roaches when it is fully dry. That’s why, for damp areas, make sure to dry the area up thoroughly prior to sprinkling the powder.

2. Boric acid and Sugar

You can exterminate the cockroaches fully from your house by making bait from sugar and boric acid. Boric acid works in a similar manner as DE. It works by destroying their outer layers in order to kill the cockroaches. The properties of boric acid make it quite effective against other bugs and pests as well. Moreover, the boric acid also gets stuck on their bodies and is taken back to the colonies where the rest of the cockroaches are affected as well.

According to research, a mixture of sugar and boric acid is far more effective in controlling German cockroaches as compared to other traditional methods. In one particular study, sugar and the boric acid mixture were able to kill off the majority (90%) of the cockroach infestation within two weeks. The study concluded that the boric acid is an effective and rapid way of killing German cockroaches off.

How to use:

In order to create bait from boric acid and sugar, you need to do the following steps:

  • Make a mixture of two parts flour, one part sugar, and one part of boric acid
  • Follow by sprinkling a fine layer of this poison around any areas and crevices where the roaches might be feeding or inhabiting
  • Repeat this every four to five days until you are completely satisfied with their removal

Keep in mind that boric acid is not as safe as DE and it can be toxic if ingested. Make sure to only use it in areas which are inaccessible to children and pets. If you want to create a highly tantalizing bait for the roaches, simply make a mixture of boric acid and honey to get rid of them. You can use boric acid against termites as well.

3. Soapy Water

Soapy water is not only one of the simplest methods and quite an effective one at that. The best part is that you will end up cleaning the surfaces while using the mixture as a bug spray. This basically doubles as a preventive method. Any cockroach scampering over can be killed on the spot with soapy water. If you use the solution to spray over the cracks and crevices where the colonies of roaches might reside, you will be able to completely rid yourself of the infestation. According to research, you can use your everyday dishwashing liquid for effective removal of German cockroaches as well. Soap concentration of 3% is regarded as most effective against the cockroaches.

How to use:

You will need a spray bottle, liquid soap, and water for this solution.

  • Start by filling up the spray bottle with water. Make sure to leave enough room in the bottle to add the detergent or liquid soap
  • After adding the liquid soap, shake the bottle well
  • Now spray the solution into crevices and cracks where the cockroaches inhabit
  • Keep the spray ready to use just in case you find a cockroach on the work surfaces of your kitchen or elsewhere. Make sure to wipe the surface clean afterward

If you’re looking to make a highly effective solution, add around 20 drops of peppermint essential oil. You can use this solution to get rid of all kinds of bugs from your house. People use liquid soaps against water bugs in swimming pools as well.

4. Mint oil Spray

Another natural method of keeping roaches away from your property is using mint oil spray. Not only does the mint oil possess repellent properties, it is, in fact, toxic to the roaches. Moreover, you get the added benefit of the pleasant smell the mint oil leaves behind on surfaces. It offers protection against germs the cockroaches leave behind. Science has backed up mint oil’s effectiveness in exterminating German roaches.

How to use:

The mint oil natural spray is rather easy to make. You can use it against different species of cockroaches. You need a spray bottle, water, and peppermint essential oil. Following steps are needed:

  • Start off by filling up a spray bottle with water
  • Add approximately 20 drops of peppermint essential oil in the spray bottle
  • Make sure to shake well before use. Spray the bottle around all the crevices and cracks of your house
  • Remain vigilant and spray the solution on these areas regularly until you are completely sure of the roach termination

You can use this spray as a repellent against sugar ants and flying ants as well.

5. Catnip

You can create a cockroach repellent spray naturally using catnip to effectively wipe out German cockroaches. The catnip works in a similar manner as the peppermint oil. It consists of insecticidal properties that kill cockroaches. According to research, catnip can be more effective against German cockroaches than DEET, a common ingredient which is used in pesticides. However, DEET is toxic that offers many side effects as well, unlike catnip which is quite safe to use.

How to use:

You need water, a spray bottle, and catnip for this method. Get rid of the cockroach issue for good by taking the following steps:

  • Start by adding one teaspoon of catnip for every eight ounces of boiling water
  • Let the solution steep for around 15 minutes
  • Now pour the liquid into a spray bottle
  • Use the spray under appliances, along baseboards, or any other area the cockroaches might use to hide
  • You can use this natural spray on a regular basis until you have completely removed all signs of cockroaches from your house

Catnip is also quite an effective plant to repel mosquitoes naturally.

6. Coffee grounds

Another highly recommended way of getting rid of German cockroaches naturally is to use old coffee grounds. You will be able to remedy your issue by using the smell of coffee for luring the roaches into a water trap. While scientific research is yet to back this claim up, this method is quite commonly used against cockroach infestation. People have reported satisfactory results in controlling infestations using the coffee grounds. Moreover, the coffee smell also helps in masking the entire musty stench these roaches leave behind.

How to use:

You require a glass jar for this method. The jar should be big enough to contain a small-sized coffee ground container. Take the following steps for this method:

  • Start by placing the container of coffee grounds in the center of the glass jar
  • Now fill the jar with water. Make sure not to allow the container to float. Moreover, the water should not enter the coffee grounds container
  • In order to weight down the container, you can use a rock or stone as well
  • Now place the jar anywhere on the surfaces you have identified cockroaches on

The German cockroaches are highly attracted to the coffee smell. They will enter the jar but will come out of the water as they will be water logged and this will cause the roaches to eventually drown. In the case of more than two roaches, you should clean the trap up and refill using new coffee grounds. This is done to remove the smell cockroaches emit while dying out to alert other roaches. While this method is quite effective against adult roaches, it can’t kill off colonies.

You can make use of old coffee grounds for keeping ants away as well.

You are now fully informed to remove the cockroach problem from your property. Once you have used the aforementioned methods to remove cockroaches from your house effectively, don’t stop right there. Make sure to take up preventive measures to avoid future infestations. Make sure use mesh on any floor drains or air vents. Seal up any cracks in your home and keep all the working surfaces of your cupboards and kitchens spot less. Use a trash can with a tight lid. Remain hygienic in your ways and stay healthy!

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