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Gnats are diminutively-sized insects with wings that are popularly misperceived as babies. A winged gnat is an adult insect that is also misidentified as a fungus gnat or, more commonly, fruit flies and can become serious pests. Encompassing many varieties of species, such as the fungus gnats, buffalo gnats, and eye gnats, they vary in their abilities, as well as their physical attributes. While all gnats can fly, other gnats have biting abilities or have distinct diets including plants, blood, and other types of bugs. Other gnats are known as the phorid fly, black fly and non-biting midges. Whatever, they are known as, the adults and their larvae are still deemed pests.

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Most gnat populations are headed by a male gnat in charge of assemblages known as mating swarms rapidly lay eggs on both land and water surfaces. Occurring most often in open areas like big fields and above street level, these immense mating swarms are the locale from which entire swarms are birthed and subsequently released on their own independent or group journey.

It is of critical importance to be able to identify female gnats, which have the ability to carry and spread parasites and a variety of diseases between livestock and human bodies. With growing gnat populations posing as international issues, many programs have been put into place to stave off these mass gnat swarms in an effective manner.

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Gnat Control at Home

Homeowners will know immediately if they have a gnat problem in their household by the mere sight of winged gnat adults flying through the open air. Upon confirmation of a gnat existence in the home, measures must be undertaken immediately that address the immediate elimination of the gnat populations and ensure preventative tactics are employed to safeguard the home from future infestations.

At the beginning of the gnat control process at home, take a careful look at any indoor potted plants, other household plants and organic matter, especially any houseplants with wet pot soil. Prior to watering any plants, ensure that the soil of any recently watered plants has dried up completely so as to repel gnats on to more readily visible areas to be destroyed. The more robust adult gnats can be handily eradicated with a stick vacuum cleaner from areas around plants, windows, baseboards, and more.

Regardless of a gnat’s status as larvae or an adult, the need for food remains imperative for both types of insects. In your gnat control process at home, immediately cut off sources of food for gnats. Examples of immediate corrective measures you can take in your home for gnat control include but are not limited to the following: Providing water to indoor houseplants only when they absolutely need it, locating fruit within the refrigerator and away from gnats, cleaning up after meals and not leaving dishes in the sink that have considerable amounts of food pieces, chunks, and crumbs that can serve to attract gnats.

Once you have employed the gnat control measures described above, you can take swift action to begin your gnat eradication plan by utilizing baits, sticky traps, sprays, and other forms of gnat repellent and pest control that will effectively and easily remove entire gnat populations from your home. With that being said, it is imperative that individuals are cognizant of how and where gnats are getting within the confines of a home from the outside world. Once you have determined points of entry for gnat populations, you can subsequently increase the efficacy of your eradication measures by applying the gnat-killing products at or close to the gnat point of entry.

Read on below to learn about simple and effective home remedies for getting rid of gnat infestations easily!

Getting rid of gnat populations within your home is an endeavor that merely requires patience and a little persistence. There is a multitude of natural at-home gnat removal methods available for individuals who are looking for budget-friendly, cleaner removal methods with lesser (or no) degree of hazardous or toxic elements.

Easy DIY gnat removal methods:

1. Leftover Red Wine​

An exceedingly popular gnat removal method, leftover red wine poured into a jar instantly becomes a home-made trap able to kill baby and adult gnats alike. Similar in scope to vinegar-based gnat traps, these homemade traps make use of their strong base scents which serve to invite gnats and subsequently drown them immediately. Make this trap by simply pouring leftover red wine into a glass or jar and covering with plastic wrap. Punch a few holes in the top and leave out overnight or for a few days to see the efficacy of this crafty device

2. Vinegar Trap​

Popular with consumers looking for an easy and environmentally-friendly gnat killing method, vinegar traps provide great results with little effort. For this trap, mix 1 or 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a drop or two of dish soap, and 1 to 2 tablespoons of sugar. Mix the ingredients well and pour into a container that has at least 1 gallon of water. Then situate the container to known gnat infested areas and wait and watch for your desired results.

3. Pouring/Draining Bleach into the Sink

Pouring bleach down the sinks located within homes can sometimes very efficaciously help to eradicate gnat infestations within drains. However, the utilization of bleach is not foolproof and won't, for example, kill breeding gnats located in the deepest recesses of some drainage systems.

Nevertheless, bleach is an affordable and highly potent gnat killer that can be used with a high degree of success in gnat control and gnat elimination.

4. Using Rotted Fruit

The rotted fruit method of eliminating gnats is as easy to build as the vinegar traps mentioned above. The simple requirements are obtaining a piece of rotted fruit, placing it into an appropriately sized container, cover with plastic wrap, and punching a few holes in the top that gnats will voraciously fly into during their pursuit of the scent of the rotted fruit.

5. DIY At-Home Traps and Fogging Products for Gnat Removal

A wide range of fogging products aimed at the eradication of gnats is available on the market. Easy to use, delivering high-performance results, and available at budget-conscious pricing, gnat fogging products are a great method to undertake if you are dealing with large areas or larger gnat swarms, indoors fogging is an effective way to get rid of gnat swarms.

Other Great Products for DIY Gnat Eradication Include the Following:​

  • Gnat Stix: With its primary function as being able to rid homes of fungus gnats, this product enables individuals to rid their homes of gnat populations without the use of pesticides
  • Burgess Insect Fogger: A popular choice for DIY exterminators looking for an effective means of outdoor gnat control
  • Hot Shot Insect Fogger: Has continuously been on best-sellers lists for their high-performance and highly-effective indoor gnat fogging control
  • Terro Fruit Fly Trap and Beapco Fly Traps

The above are two great products that offer performance, reliability, and are quick-acting. Requiring a minimal degree of maintenance, these affordable traps are filled with non-toxic liquid solutions that systematically kill nearby gnats

If you are dealing with a gnat problem, you can join the ranks of millions of homeowners who endure this ubiquitous household problem on a daily basis. Fortunately, you do not have to call in costly professional exterminators to rid your home of the presence of intimidating bugs and insects. With just a little effort and a degree of patience, you can take advantage of the abundance of products available on the market today to quickly and effectively make your home clean, clear, and completely free of gnats!

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