Simple & Effective Mosquito Killer Options (for Homes & YARDS in 2022)

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The search for an effective & simple mosquito killer comes with good cause. Mosquitoes have a tendency to ravage global areas prone to high humidity. Having been in existence since the Jurassic Period, the mosquito population is roughly 210 million years in age.

A litany of diseases are resultant from mosquito bites, including but not limited to, malaria, West Nile virus, canine heart worm, and more. Incredibly, it was as late as 1999 that mosquitoes were found to be at fault for the latest episode of West Nile virus.

Despite the array of diseases mosquitoes carry, it is the disease of malaria that has awarded tiny mosquitoes with the designation as the deadliest animal in the world.

Even with some powerful mosquito repellents and other insect repellents, it is still responsible for the deaths of over 100 million people per year, making the tiny mosquito is a definitive force to be reckoned with.

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There are many safe home remedies to ward off pesky mosquitoes. Bug zappers or electronic insect killers, mechanical & chemical insect killers, insect repellents that contain DEET, mosquito mist systems,  mosquito barriers… they all work but what homemade remedy is best for you?

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Despite their propensity in spreading disease and infection and ability to hatch eggs in less than a week, the intimidating mosquito can safely and easily be killed through a variety of at-home, do-it-yourself methods that will not only kill mosquitoes currently in the residence but keep future populations at bay from gaining entry into your home.

Before you create any sure-fire killer sprays, however, you are best getting right to the source. Many mosquito species lay their eggs in standing water. This natural mosquito habitat for its larvae includes small ponds or water pots that inhabit fish in the garden.

Mosquito larvae thrive in standing water and, before you know it, there are adult mosquitoes flying around everywhere potentially carrying mosquito-born illness and viruses.

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Read on below for some of the most popular, simple, and effective mosquito killer options in home use for 2017! 

1. Camphor:

Camphor is a budget-friendly and highly-effective means of getting rid of mosquitoes from within your home. Using camphor is an easy process and merely requires closing all the doors and windows of the rooms you are treating. Upon exiting the room, simply light camphor oil and let it burn for anywhere from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. In that time frame, all present mosquitoes will be dead.

2. Dry Ice:

Among many other things that mosquitoes are attracted to, it is the very carbon dioxide that is produced with our breath that remains tantalizing to mosquitoes. Given then dry ice is laden with carbon dioxide emissions, it is a wise choice to locate the dry ice in areas known to attract mosquitoes, where you can close the lid on their frenzied activity.

3. Coffee Grounds:

This simple, down-home basic mosquito-killing agent is booth ingenious and practical. Highly effective, it kills mosquito eggs before they can hatch and prevents further breeding of mosquito populations. Homeowners only need to sprinkle (ground) coffee grounds in the places where inactive water is located. The mosquito’s eggs that are present in the water will be forced to come to breach surface of the water due to the addition of the coffee grounds. As they rise to the surface, they will be deprived of oxygen and, as a result, die.

4. Mosquito Traps and the Sugar Yeast Fermentation Method:

Mosquito traps are available for purchase from many stores or you can conversely make your own. If you choose to make your own, do so following the basic instructions outlined here: Source a plastic bottle and cut the bottle in half lengthwise. Pour in two cups of hot water and a couple of tablespoons of brown sugar and mix thoroughly. Let the mixture cool. Add yeast when the mixture has substantially cooled down. Affix a funnel to the bottle and locate the bottle in locales known to be confirmed for the presence of mosquitoes.

5. Garlic Extract:

Garlic extract has larvicidal properties that function as a natural repellant. Simply crush a number of garlic cloves and deposit it into two cups of water. Boil the garlic infused water for 40 to 45 minutes and subsequently pour the solution into a spray bottle and systematically squirt around the room.

6. “Lemon” Joy Dish Detergent:​

Mix one cup of lemon scented Joy dish detergent in 1 gallon of water along with cloves if desired. Leave the container in areas known to be infected with mosquitoes.

7. Garden Feeder:

Mix 1/3 cup of beer along with 1/3 cup of salt and 1/3 cup of mouthwash containing alcohol. Mix the formula and pour into your garden feeder to spray down the entire yard, including the lawn, patios, trees, bushes, and more.

8. Mosquito Repellent Plants:​

Take the time and effort to grow a variety of mosquito repelling plants such as catnip and feverfew, among others, to thwart the journeys of mosquitoes and prevent them from entry into your home.

9. Various Herbal Remedies​:

for mosquitoes shown below. Many of these herbal remedies act as all-natural oils that function as natural pesticides and, when applied over the expanse of your body, will result in a strong smell that will keep mosquitoes and other insects at bay.

Herbal Remedies for Mosquitoes

Indian Lilac Oil

Coconut Oil

Lemon eucalyptus

Holy Basil

Citronella Oil

Lavender Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Red Cedar Mulch

Pinion Wood



Clove Oil

Mustard Oil

There is a vast array of mosquito eradication methods available for use today in 2017. These methods have proven to be exceedingly popular with homeowners and apartment dwellers seeking all-natural options to mosquito extermination without having to resort to the costly endeavor of consulting with professional extermination companies.

Through this article, there has been a vast array of do-it-yourself methodologies that you can take advantage of starting this very moment in your mosquito-exterminating mission to protect yourself, your home, and your family.

Whichever method you choose to employ, whether it be the beer-infused garden feed method in conjunction with the sugar yeast fermentation method for indoors, or perhaps even just the “lemon”

Joy dishwasher soap mixture for a simple, ready-to-go mosquito killing formula, your choice will ultimately prove to be an excellent method proven by many like yourself looking to quickly and immediately destroy the burgeoning populations of mosquito colonies so that they be well on their way to living a healthy and happy lifestyle free of pests.

For more information about mosquitoes, extermination, and for valuable hints, and tips, visit us today at With our expert knowledge and range of professional experience, we have the answers to the many extermination questions you have, as well as providing you with the kind of expert customer service that you demand.​

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