How a Murphy Bed with Desk Can Clean Up Your Space (Plus Our Favorites!)

How a Murphy Bed with Desk Can Clean Up Your Space
How a Murphy Bed with Desk Can Clean Up Your Space

If space is at a premium in your home, Murphy beds with a built-in desk might be your new best friend. They’ve grown in popularity in recent years as people start to reap the benefits of their compact nature. The fact that they fold up and pull straight out from the wall leaves loads of space for the times when they’re not being used. Murphy beds are not new technology at all. The first examples are from the early 1900s and, back then, this type of bed was commonplace.

Many Murphy beds are custom-made by carpenter sand built specifically for the space available. This has historically been the only way to get this type of bed installed, but things have changed in recent years. Of course, it is nice to have something custom made but also very expensive and, as furniture and manufacturing have become open to new technology, Murphy beds can be purchased that have simple installation. The newer types of Murphy beds that can be bought ‘off the shelf,’ so to speak, usually have a mount, made of metal or wood that will attach to the wall, becoming the base for the bed, as well as other components such as a desk.

The technology uses either springs or pistons to allow the bed to easily be pulled down from the wall or put away with great simplicity. Just like with pretty much every other piece of furniture on the market, there are some cheap options that utilize cheaper wood and factory manufacturing but there are also expensive and luscious hardwood designs that look and feel great. There is a broad spectrum in terms of price and quality and are ideal for the guest room or you just want to maximize floor space.

Murphy Beds with a Built-in Desk Combo

Once you have the platform of a Murphy bed installed, you can get various add-ons and attachments. One of the most common combinations seen is the inclusion of a desk. These are usually included within the structure and fold away while the bed unit is in use but easily fold out once the bed has been put up into the wall. Some use these as vanity desks for makeup in the morning but they can just as easily be used for everything from putting your laptop on to do some work, drawing, or writing.

The customization on Murphy beds in 2018 is impressive. Many of the top-of-the-range products have incorporated things like drawers or shelves to the desk unit, meaning you don’t sacrifice any of the functionality of a normal desk. You can even consider the size of the bed, whether it be a queen-size bed, a twin bed, or a simple fold-down bed with built-in storage.

Often, our desks are the centerpiece of our office, and a place where we spend a huge chunk of our lives. As well as the need to be comfortable and have plenty of space at your desk, it is also important to have storage. Fortunately, many of the Murphy beds with desks have been designed to include storage options. The units are often very large and give plenty of space for storage. This ultimately leads to a neater and tidier space.

Of course, the main benefit of all of this is space. Having a bed which folds away and transforms into a desk means that even if you live in a one-bedroom apartment, you can have a home office space without being cramped. Even if you have a fair amount of space already, having a large open space to work in is preferable to most people. Being cramped while working at a desk is not a pleasant feeling.

Are Murphy Beds Comfortable?

All of this convenience should not come at the expense of your comfort! If you haven’t used one of these beds before, it can be easy to assume they would be hard and uncomfortable. The truth is that just like any other bed, their comfort is dependent on the build quality and mattress. There are Murphy beds out there that will feel like sleeping on a rock but they are not common. Just like any other kind of bed, the comfort is down to the design. There is no reason that, just because these types of beds fold up and ‘disappear’ into the wall, they can’t be the most comfortable bed you’ve experienced!

There’s no risk of not having enough space in these beds, either. Murphy beds have the same size categories as other beds such as queen and king size. You can choose the size which suits you.

The Best Murphy Beds with Desks

There are some great designs out there for Murphy beds with desks from the basic and affordable to the lavish and luxurious. Some of the beds we’ve mentioned on the list aren’t the cheapest but are excellent quality and likely to last many years.

Bed & Room Porter Queen Portrait Wall Bed with Desk and Two Side Towers

Bed & Room Porter Queen Portrait Wall Bed with Desk and Two Side Towers

The Bed and Room Porter Queen Portrait Wall bed is a gorgeous example of a bed with real luxury as well as versatility. The build quality of this is wonderful and there are some very clever features. For instance, the surface of the desk area always stays upright, meaning that you can even leave items on it when the bed opens up.

This fits most queen-sized mattresses and gives a very comfortable night’s sleep. The quality is unquestionable with hardwood veneers and a crafted finish which will provide a talking point as well as a functional Murphy bed. Just one look at this bed will show you that it has been made with exceptional attention to detail. As well as a rich, walnut finish, it is also available in white. Whatever design you have opted for in your bedroom/office, this bed is available in a design which will fit perfectly.

As well as having the ability to transform from desk to bed, it also offers loads of storage. There are two towers—one on each side—that have shelves and clothes rods you can adjust, meaning you can choose whether you use this space for clothes or other items. For instance, if you are using the room as a home office, the storage towers can be used for filing. There is even more storage space with three drawers which sit underneath the bed.

Assembly is relatively straightforward. Realistically, any item of this size (and with this many features) is going to require a little work to put together, but it isn’t too overwhelming for those who are confident with DIY.

Once constructed, this bed does an incredible job of converting from bed to desk and vice versa. The fold up process is incredibly simple and there is even a video to show you exactly what to do when transitioning.

Though this is a little on the expensive side, the price is definitely justified by the quality of the Bed and Room Porter Queen Portrait Wall bed, and the fact that treated correctly, this will last many years of use. There are other sizes available within the range, too, should Queen not be big enough for your needs.

Modern Birch Murphy Bed by Wallbeds

This is another bed with some very clever design features and a beautiful handmade look to it. The surface has been created with a balancing mechanism, meaning you don’t have to take things off the surface when you fold it down.

This is a heavy and sturdy bed with a capacity of 500 lbs. It has been made with a beam structure which gives a lot of support and provides a very comfortable bed to sleep on. It is a full-sized bed and, therefore, compatible with any full-sized mattress. When it is folded out as a bed, you wouldn’t know it is attached to the wall, and the support offered underneath is incredible.

When it is in the surface mode, this is a very spacious desk with 44 inches of depth and lots of room for your laptop and plenty of other items. The fact that you don’t have to clear the desk before folding it out is a big advantage. The lifting mechanism is something that Wall beds have a patent on and it cleverly and simply lets you switch in seconds.

Many Murphy beds have incorporated storage or shelving units, but the Modern Birch Murphy bed has taken more of a minimal design. The desk doesn’t have any features besides being a work surface. It depends what you are looking for from your space and if you want something that looks decluttered and simple in appearance, the hardwood finish and minimalism of this could be perfect. However, if you are looking for lots of places to store files and other items then one of the other options might be better suited to you.

Melbourne Queen Wall Bed with Desk Combo

To look at the Melbourne Wall Bed when it is in its desk position, you would have no idea that there was a folding bed kept within. The look of this unit gives the impression that it is simply a large desk with lots of room for storage—so it is perfect for anyone looking for a Murphy bed with a subtle look!

The Melbourne Wall Bed is the only landscape-oriented desk we’ve mentioned on the list. This means that instead of laying with your head near the wall and your body being at a right-angle from the wall, you will be lying horizontally alongside the wall. This is a popular design if you plan to put your Murphy bed in the corner of a room.

This bed is very easy to put together, especially when you consider the size and sturdiness on offer. That said, it is a heavy product and will require more than one person to put together and fit in place. Be sure that your ceilings are over 6’4” high in order to be able to fit.

The slats work as a box spring and this means that comfort is at a premium when folded out into the bed position. Because it is such a large structure, there is lots of support, and it can hold the weight of two adults with no problem at all.

The look of the bed is impressive, with three different finishes available including white and a walnut brown. Made of solid hardwood, the headboard even has some impressive wood moldings.

Due to the fact that this is a landscape style Murphy bed means you have a huge amount of desk space available.In fact, you could comfortably sit two people at this desk without feeling cramped.

The double piston mechanism makes it safe and easy to fold out and adjust from bed position to desk position and, just like many of the other Murphy beds we’ve listed, the technology keeps your desk surface perfectly level so you don’t even have to take items out when you move it to the bed position and it is exactly how you left it when you fold the desk back out.

All in all, the Melbourne’s design is a little different. If you are looking for a landscape option, this is one of the few Murphy beds which fit the bill. It also offers a huge amount of desk space and storage and a stunning design with color options to ensure it looks great in your home.


It is easy to see why Murphy beds are popular with those who have limited living space, and the fact that you can fold away your bed when you don’t need it means that your space is much less cluttered. Often, when the bed is out, you can even keep the items on your desk in place, meaning these can also be hidden out of sight should you wish.

Having a proper work space instead of working on your lap or trying to fit on a coffee table can make you much more productive as well as cleaning up the space you have at home. A more spacious look to your apartment can easily be achieved with any of the Murphy beds we’ve reviewed in this article, all of which offer stability, flexibility, and versatility.

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