Best PC Gaming Desk that Can Also Work for Your Office

Best PC Gaming Desk that Can Also Work for Your Office
Best PC Gaming Desk that Can Also Work for Your Office

In modern times, a desk is not just a central hub for work, for many of us, it is a place where we spend a lot of time on our hobbies too. One of these hobbies is gaming. A ridiculous percentage of the population play some form of game, whether it be Farmville or social media-related games, sports games, or many of the ultra-realistic games available to us on new generation consoles and upgraded gaming PCs.

In this article, we’re looking at the best desks for serving both purposes. More specifically, gaming desks which can do the job for office use as well. If space is at a premium you may not be able to have separate spaces for gaming and for work but there are some clever desks out there which can be versatile enough to serve multiple purposes.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Desk (That Works for Your Office)

There are, of course, certain criteria that make a desk good for both gaming and office use. Desks very hugely not just in price but also features and build quality. What do you need to look for to ensure you end up with a reliable gaming desk?

  • Space. This is probably going to be an important consideration if you plan to use your gaming desk for office use too. It is likely that you won’t just have a monitor and a keyboard to think about, and the desk should have plenty of space for everything you need to put on it, from printers to gaming headsets and dual monitors.
  • Storage. If you’re using your desk for both work and play, the chances are you will have some items to store away when not in use. Perhaps you are looking for cubby holes and storage space for documents or even gaming equipment.
  • Build quality. If you’re putting lots of expensive gear on top of it, you can’t compromise on the build quality of a desk. It isn’t worth risking damage to your PC. Build quality isn’t just about sturdiness, it is also about longevity and lifespan of your desk, and a good quality desk should last years.
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    Price. The money you’re parting with will probably be something to take into account. Desks vary immensely in price, with some being available under $100 while other handmade desks using luxurious wood may run into the thousands!
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    Comfort. A good desk should be ergonomically designed and you shouldn’t feel like you are straining to reach things or to see your monitor (or monitors).
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    Assembly. Not many desks will arrive assembled, so you will likely have to put it together yourself. Some desks make this very simple with clear instructions and minimal tools required. Some desks are a nightmare to put together, which is a big put off for many people.

Best PC Gaming Desks

Atlantic Gaming Desk

The Atlantic gaming desk has really got people talking with some brilliant consumer reviews. If you need something simple and sturdy and aren’t too worried about storage space and drawers then this could be a good option for you. The storage space here is minimal, so you may have to find somewhere else to stow away controllers or any desk items you need for work, but if you just want a simple space for your monitor and laptop, as well as a raised platform for a monitor, this could be perfect for you.

It is simple to put together and the steel frame means that you can put lots on this desk and not have to worry about it being compromised or starting to break or warp. The capacity is 40 lbsthough if for any reason this isn’t enough, Atlantic’s range offers desks which handle up to 80 lbs of load.

Though there are no drawers, there are some cool compartments. For instance, there is a section with a drink holder, somewhere to hang headphones, and a tilted space to keep your controllers, iPad, or other items. There is also a monitor stand and a storage rack, as well as a power strip for charging your controllers or other electronics. There is a specific area at the back for cable management so you don’t get twisted wires and cords.

The design is capable of accommodating monitors which are 27 inches and smaller. It is very stylish in terms of looks and fits in with the high tech look that lots of gamers love!

All in all, this is a great gaming desk and while built for leisure use with features like drinks holders, it can do an equally good job for work use. It is good value for money and the assembly isn’t too frightening for most people. It is easy to see why the Atlantic gaming desk is such a popular choice. The only real con could be that it isn’t the biggest. So if you have dual monitors or require a lot of large items to be out on your desk, this could be an issue.

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

This is another very popular desk. It isn’t specifically made for gaming necessarily but is a common choice among gamers due to the size and flexibility on offer with the Walker Edison.

There are no extra drawers or shelves here, but a simple design with loads of desk space gives you plenty of space for all of your accessories both for gaming and for work. The desk is effectively two 21-inch deep rectangle desks which are connected by a rounded corner.

The fact that this is a corner desk means you can either put it in the corner to save space or you can have it facing out and create a sort of closed off desk area should you wish. It is very durable and hard-wearing, made from safety glass, with steel legs that are quite compact but still give a lot of stability, and plenty of capacity for dual monitors and gaming gear!

This desk is designed with computers in mind, with a slide-out tray for your keyboard, which gives you a choice of where to mount it. It also has a stand for your computer tower so this won’t be in the way.

The Soreno is pretty easy to put together and very clearly labeled so you’re unlikely to make any damaging mistakes during assembly. It is sleek looking once built and is available in five different colors so you’re sure to find one which fits your color scheme.

This is a large, flexible desk with plenty of space. It has been designed with computers in mind and having the space for your CPU and a sliding keyboard tray makes this a good choice for pretty much any computing use. It is reasonably priced and has received loads of great reviews from consumers who praise the space and sturdiness of the Walker Edison Soreno.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

The Arozzi has definitely been designed with gaming in mind and it is absolutely huge. Though it comes with a hefty price tag, it is a hefty item with a huge capacity for games consoles, computer peripherals, and up to three large monitors.

There is a textured and water-resistant finish, loads of depth, and even a curved design to fit your chair underneath the desk comfortably. It even has a built-in mouse pad designed to be hard-wearing for long-term use, whether you’re playing games or getting on with work.

The capacity of this desk is an incredible 176 lbs so you can put multiple monitors on it and even consoles and experience no issues. The design may be on the simple side, but it is clever in many ways, not least of all because it is adjustable. You can simply loosen screws to adjust the height so that it is perfect for your own unique build. The feet are even adjustable too, to ensure your desk is kept as stable as possible even if you have a slightly uneven load.

Holes for cable management make it simple to store away your wires safely and conveniently and the powder coating finish means you can use the whole table as a mouse mat—it doesn’t matter where you put your mouse, it will have the same smooth effect.

The construction of the Arozzi isn’t the most difficult; however, it is a hefty item. Weighing over 80 lbs, it is also over 5 ft. wide, so ideally you would have someone there with you to help to put this desk together. It is split into three different sections for building and everything is clearly labeled, so there are no big worries with getting this right.

The design of the desk is very sleek. It definitely looks more suitable for gaming than for office use, but this isn’t an issue for most of us, and the choice of five different color schemes means you can blend it in with the rest of your room perfectly. There is a matching chair, also designed specifically for gaming, which has the same design. The two are not currently sold as a set so you if you want a matching chair you can purchase it separately, but this is not essential at all.

Tribesigns Computer Desk with Bookshelf

This is an excellent desk which is somewhere in the middle in terms of gaming and office use. The Tribesigns is versatile enough to do a great job for both and makes our list of the best gaming desks due to the fact that it is not only sturdy and well made, it has lots of storage space in the form of a bookshelf, and perfect for storing games, books or files for work.

The desk is made of a heavy metal, which means it is very stable and hard wearing. In fact, the capacity of this desk is over 500 lbs! There is plenty of space for a monitor and/or a laptop on the desk and while it isn’t the biggest out there, the fact that there is an additional shelf underneath means you can usually fit in everything you need. If you want more than two monitors, it may not quite be big enough but the desk is available in a larger 55” size as well as the standard 47” design.

As well as being really sturdy, it is easy to put together. The tools needed to construct it are shipped in the box with the desk and the manufacturers claim the process can be done in just 20 minutes.

If you are looking for something that is good for gaming but not over the top with features, plus you need some storage, the Tribesigns desk could be worth a second look.

Standing Desk Options

More people are starting to become familiar with standing desks and they are growing greatly in popularity. This gives another, healthy option for both gaming and office use. Standing at your desk can burn 50 calories an hour and has lots of other great health benefits. Fortunately, all of the desks we’ve reviewed above can be used with a standing desk converter, which will provide an adjustable raised surface for your laptop or monitor. It isn’t essential, but this certainly gives you more options.


 Which of the PC gaming desks you choose will depend on a few different things including design and the size of your set up. It may be the case that you are satisfied using one screen for gaming or you may have multiple monitors and loads of accessories such as a gaming mouse or keyboard. How much of a gaming fanatic you are will play its part, but so will the design. All of these models offer something a little different, whether you are looking for a huge surface area, an L-shaped desk to fit in a corner or lots of storage space. Doing a little research on your own needs, and which desk meets those needs and the space you have available, will help you to make the right choice.

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