Six Person Hot Tub: The Top 5 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2022

Six Person Hot Tub
Six Person Hot Tub

The benefits of hydrotherapy have existed since archaic times, from ancient Chinese using hot water springs and warm flowing water as a part of cures to many ailments to the modern-day man using it to relax and cater to his stress-ridden self, the value of hot water is still intact. Many people understand the importance of soaking in warm water to alleviate pain and soothe medical conditions like arthritis.

However, going to a spa or getting professional hydrotherapy can be both expensive and demanding in terms of travel time and commitment. If you decide to purchase a hot tub, you can have all the benefits of a spa right under your roof or in your backyard, depending on your preference.

Now, we all know what comes next, the hot tub is an expensive luxury that not everyone can afford. This is where the right amount of research will allow you to find options that range from a few hundred dollars to the more high-end variety. Everything is affordable because there is a tub out there for every price bracket.

If a portable hot tub is more what you're looking for, then you have two main options available: inflatable or the traditional (in-ground) hot tubs. Inflatable tubs are quite a bit easier to move than traditional hot tubs but are also more prone to accidental damage (primarily punctures).

The Health Benefits

While hot tubs offer a multitude of long-term health benefits, what are they exactly? Here is a list of the reason why you should consider adding a hot tub to your home:

  • Hot tubs utilize hot water, and while you are relaxing, calories are also being burnt. For all you lazy cats out there, losing pounds without much effort is definitely a solid reason to get one!
  • Research has proven that relaxing your body and taming stress can lead to improved blood sugar levels and what better way to achieve that than by lounging in a hot tub with just the right amount of heat flowing to your body.
  • Heat compression is a known remedy for inflammation and bruising; this way your hot tub can act as an anti-inflammatory medication
  • Soaking in hot water improves blood circulation.
  • Hot tubs allow for their users to sleep like babies
  • Our diets are fat, artificial flavoring and sugar driven; these things impact our heart and blood pressure very poorly. Hot tubs have an excellent reputation when it comes to reducing blood pressure.
  • Soaking in hot water is a perfect stress buster for the average person crunching numbers all day long
  • Long soaks are beneficial and even recommended for patients with sore muscles, arthritis, and stiff joints

Hot Tubs: Knowing Your Tub and Its Accessories

Traditionally, hot tubs weren’t just expensive; they were also high maintenance items that require meticulous cleaning and preparation. Thanks to technology, this luxury has been made a lot more accessible and easy to manage thanks to the myriad of helpful accessories that make the entire experience a lot less demanding.

Here are a few items that you must always look for and try to get with your hot tub.

Hot Tub Covers

Hot tub covers are important accessories. Often, you'll receive one with a hot tub purchase but not always. Hot tub covers become essential components when you are buying a large capacity tub that caters to six to seven people at a time. Hot tub covers reduce energy expenses associated with enjoying a hot tub because covering the hot tub conserves the heat, and the shade keeps pollutants out.

The cover is also a key element of having a large hot tub because it acts as a safety precaution, especially in a home with small children. It can take 9-12 hours to heat the water the first time you operate your tub; this time can increase with the size and capacity of tub. However, the right cover will ensure that your water stays warm longer and your electricity bill doesn’t skyrocket.


It doesn’t take much for a hot tub to turn into a cesspool of bacteria and algae growth. However, keeping a hot tub comes with its demands. While you don’t need to scrub your tub down after every use, you will still need to cover it and treat it with chemicals occasionally to avoid any unpleasant scenarios in your beloved hot tub.

Just like a pool needs chlorine, a hot tub needs to be cleaned using chlorine or bromine to keep the water free of bacteria. In the end, it is always best to follow the instructional manual to be sure that you are taking all the necessary precautions and measures to ensure that your tub lasts longer. Knowing your water quality goes a long way in maintaining the health of your hot tub, chemicals can be more or less effective depending on the hardness and general chemical composition of the water in your area.


After the hot tub cover, the most important accessory is the water filtration system or the water filters. There are models on the market that have an inbuilt water filtration system to be more convenient to the owner. If you are someone with little time, it is best to find a hot tub that has an integrated filtration system in place. The filters are important because they trap impurities, ensuring the water is free from any kind of irritants and pollutants.

Hot Tub Pump

Now let us talk about the hot tub pump; this accessory is easily the heart of your hot tub’s health. It is the pump that ensures a consistent water supply that further allows for the water jets to do meaningful hydrotherapy. The jets conduct a massage that is primarily the purpose that people buy the hot tub in the first place. If the pump is in optimum condition water heating and flow are in perfect operation. Without the pump, the even distribution of the heat is not possible.

Heating and Material Insulation

A powerful heater can save time and energy by heating up the water faster. However, it is the fabric and construct of the hot tub that ensures that the water is heated quickly and there is minimal dissipation. Some hot tubs, for example a few inflatable varieties, are made from excellent quality insulating material that ensures that the heat is conserved for the maximum amount of time.

It is important to check the construction of the shell (tub interior) and the cabinet (tub exterior) for maximum benefit and durability. Some tubs are made up of mix materials and impure acrylic, and that does not last. So, make sure that you don’t jump up to grab the cheapest model, check the manufacturer’s guarantee to be sure of the life of your investment.


While not all hot tubs have an ozonator, it is considered one of the best amenities in a hot tub. The ozonator is an excellent way of keeping your hot tub clean and sparkly for longer periods without much ado and can be a blessing if you have a tight work or home schedule that leaves little time for jobs like tub cleaning and maintenance.

The Ozonator purifies water by the oxidation process, and further contamination is dealt via ozone or oxygen release. The device keeps the hot tub clean and odorless. Since the ozonator is a modern device, it eliminates the need for harmful chemicals to be used in the water. Chlorine is a known agent for skin irritation, skin and hair bleaching effects.

The device is a godsend because not only is it more convenient, it is also safer and aids in extending the life of a hot tub.

This Spa by “American Spas” is definitely a favorite selection; the main reason is the outstanding hydrotherapy feature of this hot tub. Not only does the massage offer a full body experience, the length and width of the tub ensures comfortable seating for 5-6 people at a time. This hot tub option is definitely the best on this list.

Six Person Hot Tub


  • The construction of the tub is sturdy and properly insulated due to fiberglass and the added reinforcement done by utilizing wood and steel makes for an unmatched shell. No other company matches the strength and durability of this shell.
  • The tub comes with a Hydroclear Ozonator
  • The tub keeps coming with more updates


  • It is perhaps a testament to the quality and user-friendliness of this tub, that there has been no reported glitch in the product so far

The reason that the Cyanna Valley Spa features second on this list is due to the sheer scale of customization that the manufacturer offers the buyers. Here is a product that can literally have all that you want and nothing that you do not; very few factory constructed tubs offer this kind of freedom of choice.

Six Person Hot Tub


  • The tub offers wonderful ambiance thanks to the LED lighting in the perimeter of the tub
  • The water jets are accentuated with stainless steel
  • The power supply can be upgraded to 240 volts
  • The jets and the heating can be operated simultaneously without overloading the tub


  • The ozonator can be custom added, but, it is not considered a standard amenity and can add to the cost
  • The power cord is less than desirable

This seven-foot spacious and welcoming spa by Futura is perfect for six people to enjoy the hot tub experience with ease. The tub is stylish with its cathedral style stairs and overall look.

Six Person Hot Tub


  • The Permawood finish of the cabinet offers a maintenance free product; a huge plus in a hot tub
  • The finish is done in Lucite acrylic and is pleasant to look at
  • The digital controls make the operation a lot easier
  • Ozonator assures clean water and easy maintenance


  • While the water is sanitized by the ozonator, this particular device needs chemicals
  • Lights are fixed, the brightness or the direction cannot be adjusted
  • There are no built-in steps or a drainage system

The Home and Garden Spa is perfect for someone that wants a hot tub experience without the high energy consumptions that are usually synonymous with this luxury. The construct is sturdy, and the amenities require replacements after many months of usage.

Six Person Hot Tub


  • Controls electricity bill by being energy conservative
  • The tub has a fifty square foot, drop-in filter that does a wonderful job of cleaning and sanitization and requires a change after 6-8 months of usage
  • This spa has an Mp3 auxiliary output that has two speakers and a woofer to really get the party started!
  • The jets have a dedicated system with a total ninety operational jets of which 14 are for massage only


  • Since the speakers are integrated into the tub, they can get covered in water and get damaged
  • This spa cannot be installed indoor to its space requirements
  • There is nothing in the way of design options; this hot tub is available in a singular color and finish.

This hot tub is one of the largest tubs produced by the “Essential” company so far. The upgraded version promises a great deal of fun and lot more features are making this tub rise among the ranks to number five.

Six Person Hot Tub


  • The hot tub has many LED water installments that create a beautiful atmosphere when you want it.
  • The tub has four Captain’s chairs and an integrated Bluetooth audio system to play music on its two speakers and a subwoofer
  • The heater is constructed from stainless steel to assure durability


  • While the upgrade makes for a truly remarkable hot tub that has a lot of modern amenities, the only issue is that this tub cannot be kept indoors, and the size is too imposing even in outdoors.


The modern-day lifestyle is so full of stress, and the workload sucks every ounce of energy from you, so much so that many people simply do not have the energy to do anything besides falling into bed and getting some well-deserved sleep. People are either too tight on a budget to squeeze in spa treatments or too busy to make the time, and this is where a hot tub can save the day.

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