Steel Frame Buildings: 10 Reasons to Choose Steel in 2022

Steel Frame Buildings
Steel Frame Buildings

Over the past several years, steel frame buildings have started to become incredibly popular in the construction industry. They were first introduced in the late 1700’s, and since then many people have recognized the advantages of using steel over other traditional construction materials. In fact, the more steel frame buildings that are built, the more we have learned about its characteristics, limitations, and its importance in the construction industry.

History of Steel Buildings

Steel Frame Buildings

Before we get into some of the reasons that you should choose to build a steel frame building, let’s dive into more of the history them. The first building constructed using a steel frame was the Ditherington Flax Mill which was built in 1796 in Shrewsbury, England and still stands today.

Steel was being experimented with at this time due to the number of fires taking place in British cotton mills at the time. This is because steel is known to be able to withstand fires and be less prone to overall damage, so it makes sense that it was used to build the Ditherington Flax Mill.

About 100 years later the first skyscraper using all steel was built in Chicago, this was the Rand McNally Building. After this, steel building companies started to form and produce their products in mass quantities because steel buildings were becoming popular. These new designs then played an important role in World War II, serving as aircraft hangars and as storage facilities – that’s how versatile these buildings are.

Steel frame buildings are flexible by nature. It doesn’t matter if your building project is industrial, residential, or agricultural in nature. Whatever the purpose of your building is, there has been a similar steel frame building constructed before. In fact, many steel frame companies have vast experience in a variety of types of buildings. Most offer customized consulting to match the end building to your exact needs. Kits are also available if your needs are for a cheap and quick construction instead. Whatever you’re looking for, chances are a steel building supplier can help you get set up and ready to go on any project. I mean, look at the fact that steel frame buildings were constructed before World War II for a completely different purpose, but ended up working as aircraft hangars and storage facilities.

But steel frame buildings didn’t stop there, in fact, today steel frame buildings can be found all over the world. This is perhaps because steel buildings are incredibly diverse and functional, and the overall advantages of building steel buildings, as you’ll see in this article, make them worth the investment.

However, it appears most of the knowledge related to steel buildings is limited to those who construct them. Many facts are unknown to most consumers that might influence their decision to choose a steel frame building instead of traditional materials. In this article, we’re going to go over the top 10 reasons that you should choose to build with steel in 2018.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Steel Buildings

Steel Frame Buildings

1. Fast Construction

Steel frame buildings, once ordered from the manufacturer, ship relatively quickly – usually within a few weeks after placing the order. The steel you receive is pre-drilled and ready to be constructed right after opening the package. With all of this, you can expect your building to be constructed and ready to go in only a matter of days.

No longer will you have to wait a year before you can move into your new building, with steel buildings you’ll be able to move in within months.

2. Durable

Steel frame buildings have been proven to be one of the strongest materials to build with because it can withstand even the harshest environments. Steel buildings are fire retardant, they can withstand all sorts of natural disasters – including earthquakes, and they are even pest resistant. All of these things mean that a steel building will stand for many years after being built.

Just remember that the Ditherington Flax Mill was built in 1796 and is still standing today – that’s over 200 years! If that doesn’t prove how durable steel buildings are, then I don’t know what will.

3. Cost-Effective

The price of lumber changes frequently, but the price of steel buildings has remained relatively low for several years. Also, because steel buildings come as pre-engineered parts it means that there is a lower construction time than normal buildings, they are incredibly durable, and they have a high life expectancy.

Another huge plus is that insurance costs for steel framed buildings are much less than normal buildings because they are less prone to damage and are durable. While you’ll still want insurance, you just won’t need to dish out as much money to protect your building against, for example, fires. While it might seem like it costs you a lot of money to construct your steel building, in the long run, you’ll be spending much less than you would if you had built your building using wood.

4. Expandability

Steel frame buildings are designed to be easily modified and expanded upon after they have been built. In fact, steel buildings are amongst the easiest buildings to modify – removing walls, adding additional panels, and building new frameworks all take very little time and require very small costs.

You won’t need to rip down walls, which makes it so that the materials can’t be reused. Instead, you’ll be able to remove walls and add additional panels seamlessly. Plus, the panels that you removed to expand your building could potentially be reused in your building or be sent away to create more steel.

5. Guarantees and Warranties

As we’ve mentioned before, steel framed buildings are designed to last for years. Because of this, different steel supplies offer different warranties. In fact, most suppliers are so confident in their steel framed buildings that a 20-year limited lifetime warranty is offered. You should check with your supplier about the guarantees and warranties they offer for their steel framed buildings.

By ensuring that you have a warranty on your building, even though they have been proven to last, you can save yourself a lot of heartbreak and turmoil if something does happen. For instance, if for some reason you find that a panel in your steel building wasn’t installed correctly or started to bend out of shape, you can contact the supplier, and have it taken care of without costing you an arm and a leg. So, talking to your steel supplier about a potential warranty and guarantee will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

6. Tax Breaks

Steel framed buildings, as we’ve mentioned before, save you money, but did you know that there are ways to earn money from the buildings too? This is because steel framed buildings are environmentally friendly, and the steel products used are fully recyclable, so you can easily reuse the steel without losing the quality or the strength of the steel.

Who wouldn’t want to have a tax break for being environmentally friendly and saving yourself some money by being energy efficient? What makes this tax break much more appealing is that in 2009, President Obama signed a stimulus bill that increased the tax credit amount that you can receive for energy efficiency. This means that the maximum credit you can receive increased from $500 to $1500 – how amazing is that?

7. Single-Source Assurance

When you’re building a normal wood building, there is a lot of finger pointing and running in circles trying to have a material problem fixed. But when you build a steel framed building, all of your supplies and materials come from the same place – which makes it much easier to fix any problems that might arise during construction.

Now, instead of having to call multiple suppliers to figure out what happened to your materials you can call your one steel supplier and get an answer quicker. This saves time, energy, money and overall stress when it comes down to finishing up the building.

8. New Technology, New Designs

Steel framed buildings are as diverse as they are functional, and this is because more and more people are discovering the advantages of building buildings using steel. Today, there are more options when it comes to a steel framed building – you can build steel barns, steel-framed houses, and even garages: the possibilities are endless when it comes to steel framed buildings.

Instead of just prefab, a basic box designed, steel buildings, we now see completely unique and customized buildings. We have come so far since the Ditherington Flax Mill was built, and we’re only going to continue to find new designs that steel buildings can be made into.

9. Aesthetic Buildings

Steel framed buildings are sleek, modern looking buildings. Plus, with the added factor that steel is flexible and malleable architects and steel building architects have been able to create beautiful buildings with distinctive shapes and textures that might not have been found with normal buildings.

Your building will stand out amongst the rest of the buildings around you because it will be stylish, sleek, and modern. You get to pick how it looks, and you get to design it to your specifications – with steel there is so much you can do.

10. Environmentally Friendly

With people looking to live a greener life every day, steel is a great choice for designing and constructing buildings. Steel frame buildings are thermal and energy efficient, plus steel is able to be completely recyclable – why is this? Because steel scrap is one of the essential ingredients in making new steel.

Also, take into consideration that to build an average of 2,000 square foot home uses the equivalent amount of steel as six scrapped cars. Now, compare that to the fact that home of about the same size consumes about 50 trees, which would you choose if you wanted to become eco-friendlier? We’re always hearing about how we need to do something to protect nature and prevent natural habitats from disappearing, and steel buildings are a great way to promote a greener lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

Steel frame buildings have many advantages that consumers need to be aware of when making a decision about constructing new buildings. Just these top 10 reasons give enough of a reason to purchase a steel frame building a normal building. They are relatively low cost, they are energy efficient, durable, and they can withstand so many different natural disasters.

With new technology coming out all the time, the designs for steel buildings are going to continue to expand into the residential sector instead of being secluded to being used for commercial purposes. The more buildings that are being built using steel instead of wood would help decrease the number of trees that are being destroyed to build neighborhoods, they’ll be able to withstand natural disasters that might take place, and they will last for many years.

Finally, all steel frame buildings come with the option of coming in something as simple as a basic square building all the way to a fully customized building. With technology changing so much every single day, the possibilities of what can be done using steel is endless. Why would you go for a basic traditional garage when you could have a garage that was designed to last as long as the cars you put in it? Or sturdy enough to protect your cars from potential hail storms or trees falling?

So, with all of these reasons of why you should go with a steel frame building, what’s stopping you from going for it and making the investment? Take these reasons and look into purchasing a steel frame building – you won’t regret it. Take the first steps today by researching a steel frame building supplier in your area and talking to them about your plans. Make sure that you know what purpose the building is going to serve, and they’ll help you out from there!

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