Termite Barrier Systems: How to Prevent Termites with Barriers

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The Formosan subterranean termite is one of those pests that every homeowner dreads and will utilize as many pest control techniques as possible to keep them at bay. Nowadays, there are multiple types of termite barrier systems for successful termite control available on the market today for every consumer’s individual needs and specific budget constraints. Designed to effectively safeguard homes from termites seeking entry, termite barrier systems work by employing a reductionist strategy by securing entry points and utilizing highly-specific products geared towards controlling active termite populations.

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While there is a wide array of termite eradication systems available on the market, the most common barriers systems are sand barriers and basaltic particle barriers in addition to chemically formulated versions treated with termiticide solutions.

Physical (Sand) Barriers

Sand barriers are non-chemical, physical barriers that offer great termite control by preventing termites from entering specific points throughout the property and home. With termites having the ability to force entry into cracks and crevices as small as 1/32 of an inch, continuous close monitoring must be performed in order to detect any termite activity.

Made from uniform sand particles, sand termite protection barriers function to comprehensively protect homes from termites. The sand barrier features robust constructions that can be made to a depth of up to four inches or more and extend for at least twenty inches from the home’s foundation.

Sand barriers are made from a slew of materials in conjunction with a stainless-steel mesh base that renders entry for termites extremely difficult ensuring successful pest control. While not 100% effective at preventing termite entry into homes, physical sand barriers are still a highly effective means for controlling termite populations and preventing mass entry into your home.

Physical termite barriers (sand barriers) function to protect a home’s foundation and structural integrity by offering termite management. The non-chemical nature of physical termite barriers will not kill termites existing in the soil in the vicinity of your home. However, they will effectively ensure termite’s from gaining entry into your household.

If you are a homeowner who is in the process of building a new home or an existing homeowner attempting to protect your home from termite infestations, a physical termite barrier will do an excellent job at thwarting the abilities of subterranean termite colonies from building up their populations beneath soil around your home and feeding on wood in their attempt to satiate their appetites and gain entry into your home’s interior.

Chemical / Termiticide Soil Treatments for Termites

Conversely, soil treatments via termiticide application are an effective measure that controls populations of termites both current and future. Soil treated with an infusion termiticide creates a chemical barrier that systematically kills termites in their tracks and, with its long-lasting formulation, termiticides ensure that future termination populations do not crop back up within the grounds surrounding a home.

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Termite Barrier Systems Pricing

The cost involved with termite barrier systems is dependent upon an array of factors, including the following:​

  • The specific type of termite barrier system chosen—physical or chemical and their required materials and tools to ensure successful termite management
  • The status of your home as pre-construction or post-construction
  • Status of past termite and current termite infestations
  • The size involved with the termite extermination treatment area

A highly important factor to consider when installing termite barrier systems is if your house is in the process of being built or is in post-construction status. The preventative treatment of termite infestation for homes in the pre-construction phase is essential for protecting your property in the future and saving a vast amount of money. A lot of preventative termite products is available on the market that is able to be built into new homes to afford homeowners the ultimate in home safety and protection via pre-treatment measures.

Preventative treatments for post-construction homes begin with a cursory inspection to determine areas in which termites pose a problem. This inspection can be carefully completed by yourself or through a paid termite professional.

Preventative measures that can be undertaken for post-constructed (and pre-constructed) homes include the following:​

  • Treating basements with termiticide through the drilling of evenly-spaced holes throughout the basement floor and into the soil
  • Constructing 6 inches wide by 6 inches deep narrow trenches along inner and outer walls of a home foundation to erect a physical termite barrier
  • Treating crawl spaces with a well-known termiticide like Termidor SC by following these basic instructions:
  • Soaking soil located on both sides of the foundation with at least four gallons of water at a 10-foot distance
  • Loosening soil located at the trench’s bottom for heightened amounts of chemical penetration for more effective killing action
  • Replacing the trench’s soil, being aware of mixing the soil with the termiticide solution
  • Wood can be protected with a wood preservative product that will extend the wood’s life and protect it from termites. A well-known wood preservative on the market is Boracare.
  • Walls and soil surrounding the home’s foundation can be treated with a termiticide like Termidor SC
  • Concrete slabs in homes during the pre –construction phase should be treated with a termiticide product like Termidor SC to ensure effective preventative action against future termite infestations. Pre-treating with Termidor proves to be much easier to use in concrete slabs before the concrete has actually been poured. With an already poured slab, holes must be drilled to inject the termiticide formula for termite killing.

Whether your home is in the pre-construction or post-construction phase, there are options readily available for you to undertake the fight against termite infestations and their burgeoning populations. Perfectly capable of protecting your home from the hazardous entry of termites, options such as physical (sand) termite barrier systems and chemical termiticide systems can be utilized to keep your mind at ease and your family safe.

The counteractive measures of fighting termites can be effectively undertaken in a do-it-yourself fashion or you can immediately consult with any of the widely available termite extermination professional services on the market. These highly-trained professionals have a wide-range of experience with both pre-construction and post-construction homes in addition to the methods involved with termite barrier systems and are ready to provide you with the high-quality results immediately.​

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