Termite Inspection Cost & Benefits (Read THIS Before You Get Inspected)

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Introduction to Termite Inspections

Termites are among the most readily recognizable pests found within the United States. Termites have the ability to wield immense power over buildings and homes and, if ignored, termites can slowly but surely eat away at foundational structures to ruin properties right at their base.​

Termites like drywood termites and the subterranean termites are highly considered to be the most destructive critters in existence and pest control is imperative. Found in 49 of the 50 U.S. States, termites cause upwards of $50 billion in damages to homes and buildings on an annual basis. Perhaps the most frightening aspect related to termites is their ability to create extensive levels of damage before homeowners are even remotely aware of the presence of the termites within their property.​

Operating behind the scenes, termites eat through nearly all types of wood to quell their appetites while they remain undetected on the other side of walls. Elements built from wood materials may present the appearance of being strong, solid, and sturdy with homeowners not having the faintest inclination of any possible termite problems until structures start giving away, crumbling, or collapsing.​

Considering that a single termite nest can house an immense number of eggs and baby termites, populations are always on the brink of an outbreak or swarm that will serve to overwhelm property owners and their attempts at rectifying the situation themselves. Often DIY exterminators attempting termite control realize that their efforts may be wholeheartedly valiant but that ultimately the expertise of professional termite exterminators is needed.​

However, professional termite companies can actually help you prevent the settling of termites within your home with ongoing pest control and termite treatment. Through regularly scheduled termite inspections, inspectors can thoroughly check your home to ensure that termite eggs, nests, and adult insects exist within the walls or many recesses of your home. These low termite treatment costs you have to pay for each year can save you thousands in the long run.​

Investing in regular termite inspections will inevitably save you immense time, money, and energy when you don’t have to deal with the emotionally crippling experience of a termite infestation like so many other homeowners do.​

Termite infestations are very common. Everyone knows about them, and everyone fears them. However, very few people take on the investment required to regularly check for termite populations and often that lack of effort will translate into future problems and possible infestations.​

Read on below to learn critically important information about regular termite inspections and how they can save you money.​

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A termite inspector performs an exhaustively thorough visual inspection and collective assessment of the areas within your home or property that are readily accessible to humans. In addition, they also inspect the interior of a home or building in its entirety, with a full inspection of sub-spaces like crawl spaces and basements, as well as the exterior of the property.​

Getting an annual termite inspection will pay off dividends as you’ll be able to recognize signs of an infestation prior to a termite population’s ability to have already created much damage.​

Critically Important Areas that Termite Inspectors Inspect and Assess:​

  • All possible locations that provide accessibility for even the smallest signs of the presence of termites or damage from termites
  • All opportunities for visual checks of termite infestation including mud tubes, broken insect wings, damage to wood, and termite droppings, as well as issues with moisture and dampness
  • Inspects soil for the presence of termites
  • Inspection of all typical termite entry points
  • Checking the perimeter of the home, including crawl spaces and foundations
  • Inspection of any dry-wood termites on wooden furniture or other wooden elements
  • Termites entering via cracks, holes, or spaces in foundation or walls
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Hiring the services of a termite inspector is of incredible importance in ensuring the safety and health of you and other members of your household. A termite inspection is collectively viewed to be imperative, such to the extent that all real estate transactions must include comprehensive termite inspection reports before any sale is finalized in a comprehensive fashion.

Typical Cost for a Termite Inspection: $65 - $100 Per Inspection​

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The costs of Letting Termite Issues Go Unresolved and Ignored Over Time​

The costs involved with termite damages in comparison to the costs of termite preventative action through regular inspections are utterly shocking to behold. Through catastrophic levels of destruction caused by avoidance and lack of maintenance, termite damage can reach repair bills ranging in price from $18,000 to $60,000.

It’s not just careless homeowners who are falling victim to termite destruction. It’s property-owners everywhere who hold the opinion that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” meaning that if they don’t see clear evidence or indications of termite populations, there is no immediate or justifiable need to incur the expense of a termite inspection.

The above attitude is the reason why mass numbers of property owners are experiencing termite damage every year. Holding the belief that they don’t need to check for termites until they see the presence of the insects is exactly how termites are able to remain within the walls of property for so long and to create extraordinary levels of damage.

Shifting the attitude towards termite infestations is of incredible value. Termite inspections should no longer be viewed as a bane, an inconvenience, or a hindrance of any kind. Rather, termite inspections should be seen as an integral part of property maintenance, and they should be mandated, much like they are by the Board of Realtors, to ensure homes are collectively free of termites and the possibility of any burgeoning or ongoing infestations.

When termite inspections become universally accepted as necessary, mandatory parts of property maintenance, the number of homes and buildings suffering from unbelievable termite damage will drop greatly and ensure that the many movers, buyers, and sellers found in housing and selling markets are making their transitions between homes and dwellings that are insect free and clean.

Typical Cost for Large-Scale Termite Damage: $18,000 to $60,000​

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Comparing the Costs of Termite Prevention Versus the Costs of Termite Damage

The net difference between termite prevention costs and termite damage can reach the tens of thousands and even more when significant damage from termites has taken place. Unarguably, termite prevention is astoundingly cheaper than the costs involved with termite damage and destruction.

However, termite inspections can also be efficiently performed on a DIY basis to save your household some money; as long as you keep a careful eye on termite hiding locations and ensure that you inspect and assess all areas of the home.

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Termites are relentless in their destructive capabilities and if left unattended to, can systematically eat away at your home or building’s foundation and important wooden elements until the material is weak, destroyed, and ready to collapse.​

However, termites are only as powerful as you let them be. Through regular maintenance in the form of annual termite inspections, you can ensure that there are not any hidden termite populations, nests, or adult insects living within your walls or any of the other myriad cracks, recesses, holes, and gaps found in the walls of homes.

Making termite inspections a necessary and integral part of your property routine and maintenance schedules will keep your building and its foundation safe, as well as ensuring that the vast amount of money invested into the property stays secure and is not affected by the destruction of termites.

In addition to keeping homes, buildings, and dwellings safe, termite inspections serve to save homeowners and building owners considerable amounts of money. For a mere $65 – $100, peace of mind can be achieved as you are informed that your home is clean and free of bugs.

For those property owners who find the expense of termite inspections unnecessary and justified, consider the amount of money involved in rectifying the wide-range of damage that termites cause, and couple that with the fact that termite infestations are incredibly common in the United States, as such your property will come to have its own experiences with termites and extermination.

Making the choice to obtain professional termite inspections today is the best investment you can make for yourself to save an immense amount of money and securing the safety and integrity of your home for years to come.​

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