Two Person Hot Tub (The Five BEST Hot Tubs Designed for Two People)

Two Person Hot Tub
Two Person Hot Tub

A hot tub can be the best of purchases; it offers a great opportunity to make your lifestyle more relaxing and healthy at the same time. Thanks to the wide variety and range of inflatable, as well as portable, hot tubs available on the market; many people can now enjoy the luxury of their own hot tub. 

However, not every residence is perfect for the setup of a large hot tub. Take for example, pretty much everybody in New York City; apartments tend to be small and not the best place to set up a high demand relaxation point that eats up half the space. Some people might even have the space but prefer a minimalistic look to their home and interior and are hesitant of anything that takes up too much space.

You might want a hot tub but are not sure if you would really like it in the long run, or maybe you are a couple that just likes to enjoy each other’s company. In any one of these scenarios, a smaller, two-person hot tub is the perfect choice.

The market is quite literally, littered with choices. There are plenty of items that cater to the smaller demand of two people, and the designs are perfectly tailored to the tastes of two people. This article discusses the five best hot tubs designed for two people in 2022.

The AR-300 features at the top of this list because it is worth every penny spent on it. Not only does it offer all the amenities in a reduced size, it never compromises on style, comfort, and durability. The major construction component of the AR-300 is a roto-molded shell that is shaped in a singular form.

The shell itself offers great durability and is resilient enough to last a good few years. Since the tub is for two people, the size, set-up and the time it takes for the tub to heat water are all very reasonable. The water is usually hot within the first two hours of plugging in the hot tub. The therapeutic massage that is done by the 14 stainless steel jets is probably the biggest selling point of this tub. The jets are both powerful and effective for a small tub.

Two Person Hot Tub

Following are some key aspects of the tub that really make it an excellent purchase and a few glitches that don’t:

  • The accessories of the tub are easy to maintain and do not require a lot of time or fuss when it comes to cleaning.
  • The warranty for the shell is five years along with one-year general coverage of the tub as a whole. The manufacturers also offer a one year guarantee for the plumbing and equipment of the tub not to mention the generous labor coverage of ninety days from the time of purchase.
  • Cleaning the filtration system of many tubs is an issue, but the AR-300 offers a very straightforward system that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • One major drawback of the tub is that once the filters are worn out, they can only be ordered online.
  • The tub heats the water quickly, but it makes plenty of noise while it’s at it
  • The shell finish is rough
  • The LED waterfall is a fun feature that adds ambiance to the hot tub

While the name suggests that the spa can seat a maximum of three people, it is, in fact, an ideal buy for two people, making it both roomy and fashionable. The massage offered by this wonderful hot tub by “Leisure Products” is definitely one of the best on the market due to the powerful 31 adjustable jets.

The massage session is perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing and therapeutic experience after a long day of work or play. While the tub demands care, it is worth the effort. The water, once heated, stays that way for a long time. This spa offers the buyer an opportunity to experience the luxury of a hot tub in a minimalistic and functional design without subtracting any luxurious element of the hot tub.

Two Person Hot Tub
  • The tub is functional, easy to install and ideal for smaller spaces like apartments.
  • The warranty for the shell is five years and two years for the parts with extended coverage for labor that lasts for one year.
  • The tub is extremely energy efficient and utilizes up to 220 Volts for faster heating.
  • The tub is made of acrylic, however, in trying for durability, the tub itself is very heavy for its size and harder to move.
  • The lights in the tub offer nine varieties for different moods and ambiances.
  • The pump of the hot tub can only be operated at a single speed.

The Cordoba 2-Person 16-Jet Plug and Play Spa is a perfect fit for two person usage. While the tub can be installed indoors, this tub comes with an insulated hard cover that makes the tub ideal for colder weather as well. The cover keeps the water warm as well as keeping the water and tub clean, especially if it is placed in an open area.

For a tub this size it offers powerful amenities with the star feature being the 1.5 HP Pump. The hot tub also has a 1 KW heater that is accompanied by a heat recovery system that makes the Cordoba a very heat efficient hot tub. The built-in ozonator keeps the water free from contamination and debris of any kind. Naturally, this feature makes the tub excellent for low maintenance need.

Two Person Hot Tub
  • While the tub can last longer under the proper care, the manufacturer only offers a warranty of one year
  • Along with the capacity to keep the tub heated for longer periods of time, the tub has the option of being upgraded/rewired to run 230 volts, making the water heating much faster
  • Probably the worst aspect of the tub is the “no drain” issue. While the water can be reused many times thanks to the built-in filter and the tub’s ability to keep the heat trapped, water when changed will have to be pumped out.

This plug and play Spa is an ideal choice for modern homeowners who are looking to add a luxurious feel to an accommodating size. This Spa is ideal for two people and thanks to its airflow control and two stage heating systems water is heated much faster than other models in a similar price bracket.

The tub comes with a hard insulation cover that keeps the water warm no matter where you decide to keep the play spa. This hot tub was designed to cater to an outdoor as well as an indoor environment. Perhaps the most important selling point of this hot tub is its color and finish. The cabinet is a lovely redwood tone while the shell is made from denim blue acrylic that can work in a wide array of décor options.

However, this tub is an excellent buy for two people. Remember, when you are looking for full utility and smaller more adjustable capacity, try to opt for a tub that offers the full features that make the item a luxury in a decent price bracket. Finding great value for money is of key import here.

When it comes to a diminutive size that fulfills all the requirements of two people, this tub is one of the best buys, and it is a sturdy product. While the tub is made of acrylic, the unit performs well under the right amount of care. If you are searching for a two-person hot tub, this is the unit that can fulfill all your requirements.

Two Person Hot Tub
  • The manufacturers of the spa offer a one year warranty on the product
  • The color scheme is definitely one of the best in factory-made tub category
  • The insulation cover is a quality item that saves energy by keeping the water for extended durations of time
  • The water capacity is up to 190 gallons; a great capacity considering the size and design
  • The set up can get a bit tricky due to the unclear instructions manual
  • The seating is of different heights

Yes, the Yukon 2-person 16-Jet Plug and Play Spa falls in a high-end two person tub. But, boy is the purchase worth it! From the design to the amenities, this hot tub has some of the highest user ratings for a two-person tub out there.

The lighting system is designed for keeping the ideas of hydrotherapy in mind. They are in perfect synchronization with the flow of the water, and the soft cascade of the waterfall makes for the perfect sensations that one can only find in a natural hot spring. The success of the tub lies in creating the perfect ambiance that two people could ever hope for.

What’s more? The mood can be further enhanced with amazing features like pop-up speakers and a great digital audio system that can transport you to a mood of your choice. After all, the right background score can really help a person relax or get excited. Here are some of the features that make the Yukon is a wonderful purchase.

Two Person Hot Tub
  • The Yukon spa has everything and anything that one can hope for or even remotely expect in a two person hot tub. The tub has a built-in aromatherapy canister that aids the hydrotherapy of the water.
  • The spa experience is memorable, and the jets offer the perfect combo of soft and pressure massages.
  • The jets are adjustable and can be tuned according to the need of the user
  • The built-in ozonator keeps the water clean and does the job more effectively than many other counterparts of the Yukon in the market.
  • The only drawback of this wonderful spa is that it can be heavy and difficult to adjust and move around
  • The features can be difficult to run at the same time; the various controls are not exactly user-friendly can get confusing for the buyer.


Nothing really matches the experience of soaking in a hot tub, especially if it is with your loved one. Sharing a hot tub can be a cozy and joyful experience, and nothing can enhance this relaxing activity the way the perfect tub can.

However, user reviews are not the only way to conduct research. You can’t just buy what has the best ratings. You must do your homework and establish a budget that you believe is a realistic option, rather than simply spending money you do not have on an overtly expensive model.

Another thing to keep in mind when purchasing a hot tub is that what seems comfortable to someone else might be worrisome for you. Make sure you understand the concept of a shell and cabinet before you purchase anything. Try to find an option that is a good combination of value for money and quality.

Insurance for the maintenance and labor guarantees are very important, try not to invest too much money on tubs that can barely carry on a season. Not that there is a problem in a year, but, you should know your commitment to keeping the tub in good condition.

Most couples tend to spend a lot on such amenities and later regret either, not buying a bigger hot tub from the get-go or buying a cheaper option that could be exchanged for a bigger model once the kids arrive. In the end, what kind of tub you buy depends entirely on your space, long-term plans, short-term utility and most importantly your budget.

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